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Last updated: 2020-10-22

Rules of Govindas Limework
  1. No hacking/using mods which give an unfair advantage over other players. This includes hacked clients, bots, macros, minimaps, mods which lets you do something that you couldn't without the mod and see something that other players can't. This also includes edited gaming mouses to get higher CPS(Any higher CPS than 15 is not allowed and might result in a ban for autoclicker.), minimaps, and similar. But there are some mods which are allowed! Allowed mods: OptiFine, Better Sprinting, EffectStatusHUD, and all mods which only change animations and graphics.(Like shaders and better animations mods). If mod which you are using is not on this list, please tell about it to the staff so you can know if it's allowed or not.
  2. Do not spam. You are not allowed to repeat the same message or just keep sending useless messages fast. Please keep the chat clean.
  3. Respect all users regardless of their gender, race, religion, country, or disability.
  4. Do not exploit any bugs/glitches. Please report them with /report command and they'll be fixed, you'll be rewarded if deemed appropriate for the type of report.
  5. Do not advertise other servers. If it is done in a personal way, just to send an IP address to a friend in a private message, without sending it massively, it's okay.
  6. Inappropriate skins/names/messages/builds are not allowed.
  7. Do not impersonate anyone. You are not allowed to impersonate staff members or any person. Be yourself. Remember that staff members have tags like: "CREATOR", "MOD", "BUILDER". If a player who says that they're a staff member does not have a tag like that, do not trust them.
  8. Do not swear. Swearing is completely not allowed on our server.
  9. Using more than one account for yourself to gain any advantage over other players that use only one account or to avoid punishments is not allowed.
  10. Griefing is not allowed in Friendly Survival / Creative World.  Please keep the world clean and buildings that you do not own untouched.
  11. No stealing in Friendly Survival. Breaking valuable blocks, taking items that you do not own, etc. counts as stealing and is not allowed. Taking items from chests which you do not own is only allowed if the player is inactive, but even if the player is inactive it's not allowed to break any blocks which they own(counts as griefing) unless you have special permission to do that.
  12. Selling items, houses, plots, and similar for real-life money is not allowed. It violates Mojang's EULA.
We are more lenient about rule-breaking in private chats as we wish to protect our user privacy and not monitor private messages, however in extreme cases we will take care of those too.

If the player fails to follow these rules they may be issued the following infractions:
  1. They can get a warning.
  2. They can get temporarily banned
  3. They can get permanently banned
  4. They can get banned from a specific game.
  5. They can get temporarily muted.
  6. They can get permanently muted.
  7. All their stats or specific game stats can be deleted.
  8. Their leaderboards score can be deleted.
You are responsible for all actions done with your account, however, if your account has been stolen and you changed your password we may unban/unmute you if you submit a ban appeal.