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IGN: Vampire_Artyom
11 months ago

Technical Changes

    Minecraft 1.15.1 is now supported.
    Immense Code changes were made to support Skript 2.4.

Quality of Life Changes

    The Seismic Wave is now more intuitive to use, it is no longer pitch-dependent in the Ability PvP.
    Mining XP gains were massively increased in the Friendly Survival.
    All stone types now grant Mining XP in the Friendly Survival.
    Player health is now visualised in the tab list in the Friendly Survival.
    Gladiator set enchants were buffed in the Mini Sky Walls.
        Sharpness (III --> IV)
        Protection (III --> IV)
    Lucky Block Ghasts now appear 5 meters above the Lucky Block to be less likely to suffocate in Mini Sky Walls.
    Stick crafting recipe no longer supports different plank types at once in Mini Sky Walls.


    GL-401 Falling into void doesn't reset Ability PvP items in the Main Lobby.
    GL-402 Tournament event constantly spams single players in the Waiting Queue.
    GL-403 You can kill mobs as a spectator in the Mini Sky Walls.
    GL-404 Team sizes in the waiting lobby and in-game are inconsistent.

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