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Last week brought to us Castle Wars & Snowball Updates, as well as new Danish translation! Let's look further into the changes!

Danish language support was added!

Giant thanks to fahvi for translating server content to Danish!


Castle Wars Update!

New Wizard Troop!

  • Wizard uses magic to make enemy arrows not hit allied units in radius of 2 at the cost of a small amount of his health.
  • Wizard attacks using spikes which appear from the ground below the feet of the enemies. Spikes deal 9 damage with a 5-second cooldown, ability drains wizard's health on use and only works in 15 block range.
  • Cost: 30 Gold.

Wall Improvements & Selling

  • Exploding walls is now harder.
  • Walls will first become cracked and only afterwards could be destroyed.
  • Walls now have proper gravity! No flying blocks would appear.
  • Use RMB while looking at a wall block and holding Place Brick tool while not being in building mode.
  • You get 1 Stone for selling normal wall block and 0.5 Stone for selling cracked wall block. You cannot sell walls if there is enemy troop within 10 blocks radius of it.

Archer AI Improvements

  • Archers now only rotate their head instead of adjusting the position after they miss a shot.
  • Archers now run away and shoot back when enemies are too close.
  • Archers are now unable to shoot for 0.5 seconds after receiving a melee/projectile hit.

Creeper Rebalances & Changes

  • Creepers now take x2 longer to explode.
  • Creepers now have fuse animation like in vanilla & enter fusing state.
  • Creepers now walk 10% faster
  • Creepers will now explode eventually when they get damaged by melee attacks a few times.

Other Castle Wars Changes

  • Attack Speed and Line of Sight stats are now tracked in the unit training menu.
  • If your army is under attack, it is now getting shown in the title.

Snowball Update!

New awesome lobby was built by Build & Out build team for our server! 

New Modifiers

  • Fast Snowballs: unexpectedly, it makes your snowballs always go fast.
  • No Compass: disables compass in the game.

Other Snowball Changes

  • Snowball speed is now tracked using the XP bar.

Bug Fixes

  • GL-187 Whenever you win, you also automatically lose in Castle Wars.
  • GL-194 Infinite fly & castle wars hotbar items exploit outside Castle Wars game.
  • GL-195 Map resets incorrectly in Castle Wars.
  • GL-196 You get more XP from inflicting fire damage in AbiltyPvP.
  • GL-197 Waiting Queue Status sometimes shows different language than selected.
  • GL-198 Troops do not reset properly on server restarts in Castle Wars.
  • GL-199 Creeper explosion damage is wrong in Castle Wars.
  • GL-200 Super jumps aren't given every minute to players at the low floor in Spleent.
  • GL-201 Team detection of troops makes some troops act weird in Castle Wars.
  • GL-202 Game win rewards are wrong in Castle Wars.

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Summaries are back being weekly, I hope we would be able to continue doing them at this pace. This week mainly focused on translations and bug fixes, check out the changes!

Friendly Survival Update! 

  • Realistic Animals AI was created! Animals now eat, poop and starve! [WIP]
  • Custom Taming system now works on Llamas.
  • Doors no longer can be opened in claimed land by non-members.

Other Changes

  • Gamecore is now translatable!
  • Castle Wars units were optimised.
  • Doors no longer can be opened in claimed land in OSS by non-members.

Bug Fixes

  • GL-184 If one king dies it results in the game being over in Castle Wars.
  • GL-185 Castle Wars bugs prevent the game from working properly.
  • GL-186 Old-school Survival resource pack doesn't work.
  • GL-187 Whenever you win, you also automatically lose in Castle Wars.
  • GL-188 Enemy horses could disrupt wall building even if you have captured them in Castle Wars
  • GL-189 It does not say any chat message when the enemy king dies.
  • GL-190 Game spectators do not work properly.
  • GL-191 When you get teleported to an unloaded chunk while using the elytra you receive infinite flight.
  • GL-192 The animal taming system in Friendly Survival doesn't work.

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Server is gradually getting ready to be opened for more communities! Translations continue, and survivals are getting changed drastically! Utterly existing, check out the changes!

Huge Survivals Update!

New Group System! Land Claiming!

Groups System in survival gamemodes was made!
Players can now create and be in as many groups as they want, no limits! Group creation costs 2500 Emeralds.
  • Groups have own ranks system: 
    • Member: no special permissions.
    • General: can claim, unclaim, invite and kick.
    • Co-Leader: can promote/demote Generals + all General permissions.
    • Leader: can do everything.
  • Groups can claim land, a newly created group has a limit of 10 chunk claims, it can be upgraded by +1 for 200 Emeralds, any member of the Group can upgrade, it is teamwork upgrade, the limit can be upgraded up to 55! (For a total cost of a whopping 9000 Emeralds).
  • The last visit of claimed chunk time is tracked, if it's not visited for more than a month by anyone from the Group of a chunk, it will get automatically unclaimed.
  • The same group can be used in both modes, Friendly Survival and Old-school Survival.
  • Use /group to view the list of all commands.

Friendly Survival!

Dimensional Spawns!

Brand-new Hoth and Tatooine dimension spawns! Both of them were built by xShadowboltx!

Gravity System!

  • Friendly Survival now has Gravity! If there is not enough supporting blocks (up to 7 blocks away), the blocks will collapse, this eliminates unrealistic skybases and similar builds!
  • Gravity does not work on Endstone blocks and it does not work in The End and Racknez dimensions.

Realistic Water Mechanics!

  • Water now is now realistic!
  • Water is now finite, water buckets do not create infinite water! This makes thirst much more of a matter.
  • Rain now creates puddles!
  • Water drains into the ground.
  • Water flows into holes and gathers to water sources
  • Water fills stuff under itself realistically, like caves. 
  • Realistic water mechanics are auto-disabled if the server becomes laggy so it doesn't lag stuff.

Quality of Life Survival Changes

Friendly Survival
  • Improved animal spawning system.
  • /tpa distance limit was removed
  • Added new awesome custom Oak Trees!
  • Added rotations to custom Spruce Trees.
  • You can no longer use Auto-enchanter on Unbreakable tools.
  • You can no longer get overpowered enchantments on Unbreakable tools.
  • Sheep now regrow normal white wool after being coloured and sheared afterwards.
  • Leaves growth was optimised.
  • Highly improved the performance of the code of swimming Fish, now they should despawn properly without leaving invisible Squids or unpickupable items.

Old-School Survival
  • Resource pack now supports Minecraft 1.13!

Both Survivals
  • Custom resource packs are now being loaded before you get teleported to the gamemode! You will no longer be surrounded by zombies while the texture pack is being loaded.

Creative World Update!


Furniture was added to the creative menu, now there are 120+ different furniture types! Some of them you can see in the screenshot!


Creative World Programming Language Update!

The syntax:
  • set variable "variablename" of [entity]
  • delete variable "variablename" of [entity]
  • set variable "variablename" of [entity] to 1
  • if variable "variablename" of [entity] is set
  • if variable "variablename" of [entity] is not set
  • if variable "variablename" of [entity] is [number]
  • if variable "variablename" of [entity] is not [number]


  • Added a function which allows easy lore translation & formatting.
  • Languages GUI was rewritten for better performance.
  • Languages which aren't updated actively were removed from the GUI.

More translatable things!
  • Singleplayer/Multiplayer games buttons.
  • Minigames menu.
  • Client-side Main Lobby holograms.
  • Parties & Groups.
  • Spleent & Knockout.

Knockout Update!

  • Knockout Experience system was changed.
  • Experience required to level up (2-9) is now [4, 9, 15, 22, 30, 39, 49, 60] respectively.
  • Maximum level is now harder to reach, so the game would be longer! Level progress is now displayed in the Experience Bar instead of the Action Bar.

Quality of Life Changes!

  • NPCs now have new positions, they are much closer to each other than before!
  • Massive work on creating was done! E-mails like this are now widely used for different purposes! 
  • "Change to villager skin for bonus emeralds" hotbar item was moved to Player Menu.
  • GameBox hotbar item was moved to Minigames Menu.
  • No Gadget hotbar item was removed.
  • Party Warp system was improved, now you can use /party warp to warp your party members from a game to the Main Lobby and to a Creative World plot you are currently in.
  • /clear is now usable in creative mode in Creative World.
  • Melon blocks can now be claimed each match in Snowball.

  • GL-1 A lot of messages are inconsistent.
  • GL-129 Falling block abilities do not work on slabs in Ability PvP.
  • GL-156 Kills scoreboard tracks stick level in KO
  • GL-159 Some of Ability PvP abilities' damage is really high.
  • GL-160 Some commands of Creative World programming language do not work.
  • GL-161 Cortex map in Spleent does not work.
  • GL-162 Palm trees are glitchy in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-163 Custom resource packs don't work in Old-school Survival and Friendly Survival.
  • GL-164 Multiple places still use our old subdomain instead of
  • GL-165 Animals can breed in OSS.
  • GL-166 Sheep can eat grass in OSS.
  • GL-167 Sheep can regrow wool in OSS.
  • GL-168 Apples can be dropped from leaves decay in OSS.
  • GL-169 You can stack cooked porkchop or cooked fish using a furnace in OSS.
  • GL-170 You can turn grass into a grass path with a shovel in OSS.
  • GL-171 Sheep drop 1-3 wool instead of 2-4 on shear in OSS.
  • GL-172 Sheep only drop white wool on death in OSS.
  • GL-173 Crafting bread or similar items can result in items being stacked in OSS.
  • GL-174 Both raw fish and cooked fish do not heal hearts in OSS.
  • GL-175 Carrot on a stick recipe exists in OSS.
  • GL-176 After dying in Snowball and Elemental Archers in Elimination modes you get teleported to the Main Lobby.
  • GL-177 Leaves of custom trees do not decay in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-178 Feeding some animals still allows despawning of them in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-179 Animals spawn inside each other in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-180 Custom spruce trees use dark oak wood instead of spruce wood in Friendly Survival.

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The one. The only. The first. The largest. Update Summary! This 1.5 month long wait brought us lots and lots of changes to the server and the community! The first summary of the 2019 year! So, we publish to you...

Awesome New Content!
New Fancier Domain!
Multilanguage Support!
Ginourmous Amount of Performance Improvements and Bugfixes!

So, without further ado, let's get straight into it!

General Updates!

The server now has a new awesome domain! The old subdomain will still work and both could be used to access the server!
The new domain was used for the creation of the new store which is fully automatic!

New Multilanguage Support!
Multilanguage support is slowly becoming a reality! Lithuanian and Russian translations are gradually getting implemented!

Current translatable things:
  • /help type commands and such.
  • Scoreboard related text.

Things which will be translatable soon:
  • Main Lobby client-side holograms
  • Minigames Menu 
  • Player Menu
  • Minigames

After everything is translated the server will be fully usable for non-English speakers!

New Minigames Menu!
Minigames menu is now split into three categories for easier understanding of types of games. 
The categories:
  • Singleplayer Games.
  • All Games.
  • Multiplayer Games.

Lots of optimisations!
  • Item stat generation code of Govindas SG was optimised.
  • World loading was massively optimised.
  • Anticheat was improved and optimised.
  • Code of Ability PvP has been rewritten for better performance.
  • Player heads' textures are now downloaded on another thread than main thread, this optimises /staff and /head commands.
  • Resource pack system was massively optimised.
  • World reset system was massively improved, it's TRULY lagless now:
  • Minigame worlds will no longer generate chunks under any conditions.
  • Minigame worlds now have weather disabled.
  • Minigame worlds will no longer get auto-saved anymore.
  • Only worlds which require world saving will be saved now.

Other General Changes!
  • Leaderboards & Emeralds in scoreboard format of numbers is now more understandable: 1,000 instead of 1000.
  • The maximum daily reward was reduced to 250 Emeralds (500 --> 250), for 25 days (50 --> 25).
  • Item frames can no longer be edited in minigame maps server-wide.
  • The /join command was added to /help.
  • You can no longer invite players who are in your party already anymore.
  • Improved functionality of /p warp.
  • Any knockback related hack is now easily detected.
  • Physics are now disabled in the Main Lobby.

Castle Wars Update!

  • Castle Wars is now a 4 player game!
  • Unit formations are now much smarter.
  • Line formations now support all directions.
  • Units are now able to go through small entrances properly.
  • Unit Selection Wand's selection now will be visualised by using a proper frame like in a structure block.
  • Players are now automatically put in creative mode.
  • Creepers now explode for real and damage all units surrounding them (including allied units).
  • Archer shooting speed was increased (3 seconds -> 2 seconds)
  • DROP key actions were added to selected units! If you have units selected then they appear in hotbar, so you can drop their hotbar items to make them do special actions! They are:
    • Creepers: force-explode a creeper (Shift + DROP to force-explode all selected creepers)
    • Archers: force an archer to shoot an arrow (Shift + DROP to force all archers to shoot an arrow)
  • Archers now have coloured armour which is based on their team
  • A message is now broadcasted when a King gets killed.
  • King kills are now counted to be later displayed in statistics.
  • Units will now ignore targets while moving until they get close to the destination. SNEAK + CLICK with Move item to not to ignore targets.
  • Wall building was optimised.

Ability PvP Update!

New abilities!
  • Pull Egg ability was added! It drags the player you hit to you.
  • Dash ability was added! It moves you forward very fast and damages players which you dash into.
  • Railgun ability was added! It shoots a laser which goes through multiple targets and deals high damage.
  • True Eye of Cthulhu ability was added! It fires a laser which is not affected by gravity from your head to the block/player you are looking at and creates an explosion which knockbacks you at end of the laser.
  • Seismic Wave ability was added! It created a wave which damages & knockbacks the players.
  • Magnet ability was added! It attracts players within a radius of 5 to itself. If you have metal armour its attraction power becomes higher. You will be attracted for 5 seconds but you won't be damaged.

Killsteak & Armor Upgrade System
  • Your armour now will be upgraded every kill, up to full Diamond armour which requires killstreak of 20 to reach. Every armour piece reduces damage taken by 3%
  • All damage except fire damage is reduced by armour. 
  • You lose all of your armour if you lose your Killstreak.
  • Your Killstreak doesn't get increased if you kill the same player more than twice in a row.

Other AbilityPvP Changes!
  • The Lightning ability now becomes glowing after you have thrown it.
  • Now each player has a scoreboard which shows the player's Level, XP and Kills.
  • Bounce ability's explosion now knocks players back.
  • Your Pets are now automatically despawned when you enter Ability PvP area and spawned back once you leave its area.
  • Abilities will now only give XP from up to 3 different players damaged with the same ability.
  • You will now not be able to use /q for 5 seconds after being damaged by a player.

Creative World Update!

  • A new building tool was added! goPaint.
  • All building tools (FAWE, FAVS, gB, gP) are now usable by everyone without a requirement for playing for an hour.
  • Heads menu is now similar like Dimensional Warps menu.

Friendly Survival Update!

  • Lots of new weather events were added!
  • Tornadoes, Sandstorms, Hailstorms, Shooting stars, Winds and more!
  • Friendly Survival now has a new awesome resource pack made by RaulH22! Every Slimefun item now has a custom texture!
  • Custom Trees were added! Now all Jungle, Birch and Spruce saplings do not grow vanilla trees anymore, they grow many various looking beautiful trees!
  • Trees rotate based on blocks around.

  • Blazes and Wither Skeletons now spawn 2 times more common.
  • Zombie Pigmen and Wither Skeletons will no longer spawn in lava.

  • Zombies, Creepers and Spiders spawns were disabled.
  • Husk spawn rate was increased.
  • Sand Golem (from Realm of Almarath) was added. It drops Sand after death.
  • Aggressive Cactus was added, it can only spawn on top of normal cacti. It will attack nearby players and drop cacti (how unexpected) on death.

Other FS Changes!
  • All Emerald tools and armour recipes were removed.
  • All unbreakable Iron & Gold tools and armour recipes were removed.
  • Dimensional Warps display system now has unlimited pages and a search system so you can find a Dimensional Warp by owner's name easily, also now warps are displayed by player heads instead of Dimensional Warp item icons!
  • Now when a Pig is struck by lightning, it will turn into a zombie Pigman without a Golden Sword.
  • Now if you right click on a tamed pet who's owner has been offline for 30+ days, you become the new owner of the pet!
  • You can now ride Sheep and Cows by clicking them with a saddle.
  • Elemental Wind Staff was nerfed, it now uses 2 hunger bars instead of 1 for one flight.
  • Too powerful/game breaking items/machines were disabled in Slimefun.
  • You now receive the coordinates of your death point.

Old School Survival Update!

  • Added functional Spaced Ladders! In old Minecraft versions you could have 1 block space between ladders and still climb them, well now you can also do so!

OSS Texture Pack Updates
Big thanks for Vampire_Artyom for updating the texture pack!
  • Removed Recipe Book, Shield slot and other unused textures from the texture pack.
  • Added new textures for incoming OSS content.
  • Changed Alex texture to a Steve one.
  • More are coming soon!

Elemental Archers Update!

New map!
  • Old maps transit into the new multi-mode system was finally finished.
  • A new awesome map was added! It is named Barad-dûr and was built by our builder MrCloudyKitten and co-creator Vampire_Artyom.

Other Changes!
  • If you die 3 times in a row being AFK you now get removed from the game.
  • Capture The Flag and Juggernaut modes will no longer get chosen automatically if there are only 2 players in the game.
  • You will now never spawn at the same spawnpoint twice in a row in non-team modes.

Snowball Update!

  • Nametags of players are invisible once again.
  • Anticheat was re-enabled.
  • If you die 3 times in a row being AFK you now get removed from the game.
  • Capture The Flag and Juggernaut modes will no longer get chosen automatically if there are only 2 players in the game.
  • You will now never spawn at the same spawnpoint twice in a row in non-team modes.

Other Changes!

  • You no longer find Emeralds in treasure chests in lower level caves when you're far in the game in TMC. 
  • A TIP of /resetparkour command was added to Parkour.
  • Checkpoint item was changed to Totem of Undying (Ender Chest --> Totem of Undying) in Parkour.
  • Skeletons and Bandits were buffed in Realm of Almarath.
  • Non-boss mobs now have a chance to spawn in groups of 2 if there are 2+ players around in Realm of Almarath.


  • GL-21 Checkers are broken.
  • GL-112 Chicken Shoot does not work at all.
  • GL-113 Archers who are in a formation are really hard to move when they have a target in Castle Wars.
  • GL-114 Creepers do not explode in Castle Wars.
  • GL-115 The collision causes infinite movement in Castle Wars.
  • GL-116 Draw causes lose and win when not supposed to in Castle Wars.
  • GL-117 Map votes do not reset properly.
  • GL-118 Elemental Archers Main Lobby NPC teleports to old mode selection thing and the game is unjoinable through NPC.
  • GL-119 Bomb explosion sound volume is wrong in Bomberman.
  • GL-120 You sometimes don't get abilities again after using all of them in Ability PvP.
  • GL-121 Modifier votes do not reset.
  • GL-122 Double jump modifier doesn't work in Knockout
  • GL-123 You do not get your helmet back after capturing/dropping the flag in EA: CTF mode.
  • GL-124 You keep potion effects after being teleported to lagless lobby for being AFK.
  • GL-125 Team choices in team games do not work.
  • GL-126 Mobs do not use their abilities in Realm of Almarath
  • GL-127 Mobs do not burn in daylight server-wide.
  • GL-128 Burning animation isn't displayed on entities server-wide.
  • GL-129 Falling block abilities do not work on slabs in Ability PvP.
  • GL-130 Shooting snowballs sound isn't played in Ability PvP.
  • GL-131 Damage delays make some damages not happen at all in Ability PvP.
  • GL-132 Fist attacks have no cooldown and it is click equals damage.
  • GL-133 Arrow ability isn't working.
  • GL-134 Fish in Friendly Survival are bugged.
  • GL-135 Thirst has 2 empty bubbles when full in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-136 If you click with a block while facing another one the click does not register.
  • GL-137 Modifier voting does not select a modifier if the votes are exactly 50% in gamecore.
  • GL-138 You can spawn inside a slab in Parkour.
  • GL-139 Double jump modifier in Knockout doesn't work.
  • GL-140 Party splits between different games.
  • GL-141 Items have default names in Govindas SG.
  • GL-142 Armour protects in Govindas SG.
  • GL-143 /votedm does not work in Govindas SG.
  • GL-144 Powerups are unpickupable in Bomberman.
  • GL-145 If you lose all lives in Elimination/Team Elimination mode in Elemental Archers you get teleported out of the game instead of becoming a spectator.
  • GL-146 If you have a negative jump boost or levitation when you get damaged you have a chance to get launched into the sky. 
  • GL-147 Winner of Chicken Shoot loses the game instead of winning.
  • GL-148 Ability PvP abilities are able to move NPCs.
  • GL-149 You can destroy Crystals of Life using anvils in items frame in MSW: Sky of Carribean map.
  • GL-150 You can break valuable block decorations around Crystal of Life in MSW: Sky of Caribbean map.
  • GL-151 Checkers do not end properly if a game ends due to no movement.
  • GL-152 You can rename pets which do not belong to you.
  • GL-153 Hunger decreases within time while it shouldn't in 1v1.
  • GL-154 No Sword modifier always deactivates even if it's not active in 1v1.
  • GL-155 Multiple maps have problems with weather in 1v1.

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We spent way too much time on bug catching and fixing these two weeks that the time was flowing away much faster than supposed to. Sadly, because of that, the update summary came out a week late! But, nevertheless, we will allow you exploring all the changes, additions and an enormous amount of bugfixes! So, let's hop in!
First of all, the Realm of Almarath is back! Woohoo! (yet again)
Elemental Archers Update!
  • Old Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch modes have been renamed into Team Elimination and Elimination modes respectively.
  • New Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch modes have been created which have infinite lives & points instead of the old system.
  • 40% of votes is no longer needed to choose a mode. Now the mode which has the highest votes gets chosen.
  • Killstreak is now being counted from the 2nd kill.
  • Punch I enchantment was removed from Sky Archer's bow on higher levels.
  • Fireballs of Fire Archer now can be homing!
Snowball Update!
  • Elimination mode was readded, bringing us a total of 3 
  • Team Elimination mode now has 3 
  • Death messages & scoreboard now contain in Elimination modes.
  • Snowball damage is no longer lowered in Elimination modes.
  • Depth Strider enchantment level was reduced from III to II.
  • 40% of votes is no longer needed to choose a mode. Now the mode which has the highest votes gets chosen.
  • Killstreak is now being counted after from the 2nd kill.
  • You no longer are able to buy extra Snowballs if you already have at least 64.
  • Snowmen are now insta-killed when Instakill Snowballs modifier is active.
  • Chickens were added to Italy map,
Castle Wars Update!
  • Players will now always be flying.
  • Players are now allowed to come close to the battleground.
  • Arrows now can go through Players, so Players are now unable to block them.
  • Archers' arrows now ignore allied troops and easily go through them.
Survivals Update!
Friendly Survival
  • The End dimension was regenerated to 1.12.2 version.
  • You can no longer summon the Ender Dragon by killing Endermen.
Old-School Survival
  • Old-school Survival resource pack was updated to be more old-school! 
    • Removed recipe book textures.
    • Removed toast textures.
    • Removed advancement textures.
General Changes & Additions
  • Every single minigame now supports infinite waiting queues! 
  • Public queues are automatically created whenever needed and you'll be automatically sent to the queue that has the most players and minimises your waiting time.
  • You can now create your own private waiting queues for minigames! 
  • /join knockout govindas123 
  • This command would create a waiting queue for Knockout named govindas123. You will be able to join it only by using the following command: 
  • /join knockout govindas123 
  • Because of that, you can now host private games for your friends!
  • Party joining system became much more advanced! If one public waiting queue cannot hold the party, it will automatically create a new public waiting queue capable of fitting the whole of your party.
  • Discord users linked to Minecraft accounts now will be forced to have the nickname of their Minecraft IGN.
  • If you have your Minecraft account linked with discord and you have voted at least once, you'll be reminded to vote by Gbot every day! 

Lots of performance improvements!
  • Highly improved name change handling performance.
  • Highly improved mob spawning performance of Realm of Almarath.
  • Highly improved game spectating system performance.
  • Improved tracking compass performance.
  • Improved map reset system performance.
  • Removed useless information from the welcoming message for new players.

Bug Fixes
  • GL-53 Player heads in the Sky of Caribbean MSW map have IDs in the Lore. 
  • GL-88 Suit armour isn't cosmetic.
  • GL-89 Creative World ban system isn't working.
  • GL-90 You can buy snowballs in Snowball over 64 item limit but you won't receive them.
  • GL-91 You become bugged and unable to chat after you fall into the void in the Main Lobby.
  • GL-92 Fire doesn't deal any damage in the Main Lobby.
  • GL-93 Flag disappears after the death of the one who holds it in EA: CTF mode.
  • GL-94 XP drops from mobs in EA.
  • GL-95 Saturation isn't reset in EA.
  • GL-96 Kills give the wrong amount of emeralds in EA.
  • GL-97 You can hit all/a couple of body parts at once in EA.
  • GL-98 Players can be damaged while invulnerability times in EA.
  • GL-99 Treasure chests do not work at all in TMC.
  • GL-100 Realm of Almarath doesn't work
  • GL-101 Ores sometimes become unmineable in TMC.
  • GL-102 Night vision particles become visible after re-joining TMC.
  • GL-103 You are in adventure mode in most of the minigames.
  • GL-104 If you weren't attacked, your death message won't appear in MSW.
  • GL-105 Kills aren't shown correctly in the scoreboard of MSW.
  • GL-106 MSW has 1.9 combat system.
  • GL-107 CTF mode doesn't end in a win properly in Snowball.
  • GL-108 After teleporting to the main end island from the outer end you fall into the void in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-109 Average map rating decimals in voting are sorted wrongly.
  • GL-110 Compass player tracker sometimes tracks players wrong in some games.
  • GL-111 Bigger potion crafting isn't working in Realm of Almarath.

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