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We spent way too much time on bug catching and fixing these two weeks that the time was flowing away much faster than supposed to. Sadly, because of that, the update summary came out a week late! But, nevertheless, we will allow you exploring all the changes, additions and an enormous amount of bugfixes! So, let's hop in!
First of all, the Realm of Almarath is back! Woohoo! (yet again)
Elemental Archers Update!
  • Old Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch modes have been renamed into Team Elimination and Elimination modes respectively.
  • New Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch modes have been created which have infinite lives & points instead of the old system.
  • 40% of votes is no longer needed to choose a mode. Now the mode which has the highest votes gets chosen.
  • Killstreak is now being counted from the 2nd kill.
  • Punch I enchantment was removed from Sky Archer's bow on higher levels.
  • Fireballs of Fire Archer now can be homing!
Snowball Update!
  • Elimination mode was readded, bringing us a total of 3 
  • Team Elimination mode now has 3 
  • Death messages & scoreboard now contain in Elimination modes.
  • Snowball damage is no longer lowered in Elimination modes.
  • Depth Strider enchantment level was reduced from III to II.
  • 40% of votes is no longer needed to choose a mode. Now the mode which has the highest votes gets chosen.
  • Killstreak is now being counted after from the 2nd kill.
  • You no longer are able to buy extra Snowballs if you already have at least 64.
  • Snowmen are now insta-killed when Instakill Snowballs modifier is active.
  • Chickens were added to Italy map,
Castle Wars Update!
  • Players will now always be flying.
  • Players are now allowed to come close to the battleground.
  • Arrows now can go through Players, so Players are now unable to block them.
  • Archers' arrows now ignore allied troops and easily go through them.
Survivals Update!
Friendly Survival
  • The End dimension was regenerated to 1.12.2 version.
  • You can no longer summon the Ender Dragon by killing Endermen.
Old-School Survival
  • Old-school Survival resource pack was updated to be more old-school! 
    • Removed recipe book textures.
    • Removed toast textures.
    • Removed advancement textures.
General Changes & Additions
  • Every single minigame now supports infinite waiting queues! 
  • Public queues are automatically created whenever needed and you'll be automatically sent to the queue that has the most players and minimises your waiting time.
  • You can now create your own private waiting queues for minigames! 
  • /join knockout govindas123 
  • This command would create a waiting queue for Knockout named govindas123. You will be able to join it only by using the following command: 
  • /join knockout govindas123 
  • Because of that, you can now host private games for your friends!
  • Party joining system became much more advanced! If one public waiting queue cannot hold the party, it will automatically create a new public waiting queue capable of fitting the whole of your party.
  • Discord users linked to Minecraft accounts now will be forced to have the nickname of their Minecraft IGN.
  • If you have your Minecraft account linked with discord and you have voted at least once, you'll be reminded to vote by Gbot every day! 

Lots of performance improvements!
  • Highly improved name change handling performance.
  • Highly improved mob spawning performance of Realm of Almarath.
  • Highly improved game spectating system performance.
  • Improved tracking compass performance.
  • Improved map reset system performance.
  • Removed useless information from the welcoming message for new players.

Bug Fixes
  • GL-53 Player heads in the Sky of Caribbean MSW map have IDs in the Lore. 
  • GL-88 Suit armour isn't cosmetic.
  • GL-89 Creative World ban system isn't working.
  • GL-90 You can buy snowballs in Snowball over 64 item limit but you won't receive them.
  • GL-91 You become bugged and unable to chat after you fall into the void in the Main Lobby.
  • GL-92 Fire doesn't deal any damage in the Main Lobby.
  • GL-93 Flag disappears after the death of the one who holds it in EA: CTF mode.
  • GL-94 XP drops from mobs in EA.
  • GL-95 Saturation isn't reset in EA.
  • GL-96 Kills give the wrong amount of emeralds in EA.
  • GL-97 You can hit all/a couple of body parts at once in EA.
  • GL-98 Players can be damaged while invulnerability times in EA.
  • GL-99 Treasure chests do not work at all in TMC.
  • GL-100 Realm of Almarath doesn't work
  • GL-101 Ores sometimes become unmineable in TMC.
  • GL-102 Night vision particles become visible after re-joining TMC.
  • GL-103 You are in adventure mode in most of the minigames.
  • GL-104 If you weren't attacked, your death message won't appear in MSW.
  • GL-105 Kills aren't shown correctly in the scoreboard of MSW.
  • GL-106 MSW has 1.9 combat system.
  • GL-107 CTF mode doesn't end in a win properly in Snowball.
  • GL-108 After teleporting to the main end island from the outer end you fall into the void in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-109 Average map rating decimals in voting are sorted wrongly.
  • GL-110 Compass player tracker sometimes tracks players wrong in some games.
  • GL-111 Bigger potion crafting isn't working in Realm of Almarath.

17 Dec 2018, 13:10 0 | 2
Hey everyone! This week change list consists of a lot of technical ones: optimisations, bugfixes, rewrites, etcetera. And so, without further ado, let's get straight into the changes!

Elemental Archers Update
  • Team Deathmatch Elemental Archers and Deathmatch Elemental Archers games were merged into one game with voting system for a mode you want to play! 
  • Modes were added to Elemental Archers directly from Snowball: 
    • Capture The Flag: steal the flag from your opponents to bring your team for the win!
    • Juggernaut: normal players team up against one super powerful beast: The Juggernaut.
    • Team Elimination: eliminate all other players and be the only survivor!
  • The code of the whole game was rewritten for better performance, fixed a lot of inaccuracies and small bugs in the code.

Other Changes
  • Mobs will now be neutral to unarmored players in the Gaia dimension of Friendly Survival if you have no sword in the hand. This way Gaia is much friendlier, especially for new players! 
  • Lift in the Spaceship map in Snowball was totally remade, now it simulates real lift action, slowly bringing you up.
  • Now if you drop an item from hotbar in Creative World it will be removed

Technical Changes
  • Skript version was updated to dev36. This allowed to find and get rid of a lot of small nasty bugs.
  • A lot of optimisations!
  • Halloween event was disabled. Christmas event coming soon!
  • Furthermore, unfortunately, Realm of Almarath will be temporarily disabled until its performance improves.

  • GL-85 Deathmatch games aren't ending in wins properly in Snowball.
  • GL-86 You can use building tools outside your plot in Creative World!?
  • GL-87 Script reloading takes way too long.

03 Dec 2018, 08:02 0 | 3
Welcome back, everyone! This week we present to use some Parkour changes & a new Knockout map! Moreover, EA is going to be rewritten soon! 

A new Knockout map was added! It is named Christmas and was built by our builder iipinkBunnyxo.

It even has a special feature! If you jump into the middle hole in the map from the 2nd floor, the wind will bring you back to it. Furthermore, a couple of snowmen defend the platform, so it'd be much harder to survive there!

Parkour Update!
  • Checkpoint system was remade! 
  • Every Parkour now has a lot more Checkpoints. They can be identified by flame particles around them.
  • This was done to make the Parkours more enjoyable and not a hard challenge which only can be beaten by parkour masters.
  • Per Checkpoint rewards were removed, the first time completion rewards are: 
  • Normal = 500
  • Hard = 1000
  • Very Hard = 1500.
  • For any further completions: 
  • Normal = 50
  • Hard = 100
  • Very Hard = 150
  • You only receive rewards for completing the same Parkour twice per day.
  • Each Parkour now has its own scoreboard. It shows your Checkpoint progress, your jumps count and the time lapsed.
  • After you complete a Parkour, it's now announced to the whole server, including the time and jumps count.
  • Your best parkour completion time, the jumps amount that took you for your best Parkour competition time and amount of times you have completed the parkour statistics are now tracked.

Other Additions
  • Ender Dragon mount cosmetic was added for VIP+

25 Nov 2018, 12:02 0 | 4
Hello everyone! We're back with some great additions and polishes to 1v1 this week! 

1v1 Update!
A huge amount of modifiers were brought to us this week! Let's check them out!

  • Removes everything from the inventory.

Pack of Wolves 
  • Gives 3 tamed wolves to each player. Wolves have names of their respective owner.

No Hotbar Edit
  • You are forced to use the randomized hotbar and aren't allowed to move items around.

Homing Projectiles
  • All projectiles are drag towards the enemy!

Reverse Projectile Gravity
  • All projectiles fall up.

  • Players can't run far away from each other!

[Re-add] No Knockback
  • Prevents people from getting knocked back.

[Re-add] Ender Dragon
  • Spawns an ender dragon at the start of the game.
  • Pull Egg was added to the inventory of Knockout modifier.
  • Modifier selection time was extended to 15 seconds. (9 seconds --> 15 seconds)
  • The "Activated Modifiers" hoverable message was added, which is shown at the start of the game.
  • Now if you break the mushroom block, it will be dropped as a proper one.
  • You can now deactivate/reactivate modifiers by clicking on their activation/deactivation message in the chat.

The Mining Camp Update!
A new event! Cave Spider Invasion!
  • Cave Spider Invasion has a 0.5% chance to happen each minute. 
  • It lasts for a total of 15 minutes adding a 10% chance to spawn a Cave Spider on a block break.
  • Cave Spiders do not drop anything but do give a lot of XP! (7 XP per kill!)
  • Cave Spiders also have a special ability to throw cobwebs which will disappear after 5 seconds have passed.
  • [CLICK TO OPEN] button was added to "Smelt times have been reset" message.
  • Silverfish will now despawn after 45 seconds of being alive.
  • More iron ore was added to the Iron Cave.

Other Changes
  • Use of Redstone clocks was disabled in Creative World.

  • GL-84 Classes selection doesn't work in Elemental Archers.

18 Nov 2018, 13:57 0 | 3
Welcome to the new update summary everybody! This week brought us fantastic changes and a couple of balances! Meanwhile, while the Halloween has already ended everywhere, it is only starting on the Govindas Limework!

Trick or Treat Halloween Update!

Trick or treating! 
  • You can right-click a player in the Main Lobby to send them a Trick or Treat request. 
  • You can Trick or Treat any player, but only once.
  • If the victim is ruthless and selects the TRICK option, you will be blinded for a few seconds. 
  • Else, if the player is gracious and selects the TREAT option, you will receive a Candy
  • After you have collected a total of 7 Candies you will unlock a scary Witch disguise to creep up on enemies (or allies)!
  • Two new commands were added! They allow the player to view the top of the players who are the best at Pumpkin carving and collecting candies accordingly. 
  • /pumpkinstop
  • /candiestop
  • Helpful broadcast messages were added to know when the player unlocks a Halloween themed suit!

Redstone finally works in Creative World!
People had been requesting the ability to use Redstone for ages. Sadly, prior to this week, no one succeeded... But today, we present to you Full Redstone Access!
  • To receive the permission to use Redstone you must prove you're trustworthy and dedicate at least 3 hours to the server.
  • The next step is easy as pie. Simply enter the following command into the chat while standing on the plot of your own, and you'll be done!
  • /requestredstone
  • But make sure to be careful! If you fail to preserve the existence of the Govindas Limework and try to somehow damage it, you'll be punished severely.
  • Also, Mushroom Stem and Grass Path blocks were added to Creative World Menu and the Command Block was removed from there since it wasn't functional.

Realm of Almarath Update!
  • The whole quest system was remade! Quests are now infinite, ranging from level 0 to level 20.
  • After you had reached the maximum level, the quests will become a lot harder but much more rewarding!
  • Moreover, each existing mob to this day is used in the quest system, so you won't be bored because of similarities in the quests.
  • Furthermore, early level quests were tweaked and moved amongst the existing ones.

Big thanks to our MOD Vampire_Artyom for helping out with the quest system!

Balances & Changes!
  • Skeleton Knight's damage was increased to 14. (12 --> 14)
  • Skeleton Archer's damage was reduced to 14. (20 --> 14)
  • Skeleton Archer's health was reduced to 50. (65 --> 50)
  • Bandit Archer's damage was reduced to 12. (20 --> 12) 
  • Bandit Archer's health was reduced to 35. (50 --> 35)
  • Water Golem now defends himself! He now reflects 20% of the damage you deal to him back. 
  • Skeleton Archer now has a 90% chance to apply one of the following effects:
  1. Slowness for 5 seconds.
  2. Weakness for 5 seconds.
  3. Blindness for 5 seconds.

Bomberman Update!
  • Kick powerup no longer allows TNT to move through players.
  • Kick powerup is more accurate and easier to use.
  • Speed powerup no longer affects your kick distance while you're sneaking. Being more careful causes consequences, you wouldn't be able to kick TNT more than 1 block then.

Other Changes
  • Cosmetics Menu content now can be browsed by non-VIPs. (Unfortunately, to use the features you still have to be a VIP xD) 
  • Advancements were disabled server-wide.
  • All recipes are now instantly unlocked.

Because of a recent server update to 1.12 version, a couple of bugs were left unfixed. This week a lot of newly discovered bugs were "caught" and "petted" so they cause no harm anymore. :3
  • GL-6 Loaded heads from 1.12 toolbars mess up the NBT completely. Stacks of heads become single heads, player owner changes to the last in the toolbar, etc.
  • GL-60 You can get from double to quituple "You teleported to Beach" messages on a Beach portal enter in ROA.
  • GL-76 Skeleton King's helmet breaks from sunlight in ROA.
  • GL-77 Physics do not work in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-78 /editblock command doesn't work in Creative World.
  • GL-79 WorldEdit and CraftBook plugins do not work for players.
  • GL-80 Slimefun plugin doesn't work in Gaia dimension in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-81 You can get main lobby items back by just jumping up in some places in the Main Lobby.
  • GL-82 Using 1-9 hotkeys to move hotbar items doesn't work.
  • GL-83 /stats, voting and crafting in Mini Sky Walls do not work!

Make sure to report any bugs you encounter to Govindas in-game or in the Discord! This especially applies if you see any bugs related to "Unknown command" on some actions.


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