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Hey everyone! Long-awaited Space Archer was finally released! GameBox was updated with 2 new games! Moreover, a ton of changes and additions to other games, mostly Friendly Survival! So let's get straight into it!
Elemental Archers Update! New awesome Space Archer class!
  • A new awesome class was added: Space Archer, it's very different from other classes and requires you to have level  5 of 2 of day classes and 2 of night classes to be able to use it.
Features of Space Archer:
  • Normal bow's arrows have reverted gravity (they fall up instead of down).
  • Gravityless Arrow ability bow to shoot arrow not affected by gravity with the 7-second cooldown.
  • Levitate Up Nether Star to levitate up with awesome animation.
  • Levitate Down Nether Star to levitate back down.
  • Not affected by day/night damage bonuses since it's in-between class.
  • No fall damage.
  • All the upgrades for comparison:

  • Ghost archers are now partially visible to their teammates in Team Deathmatch mode.
  • Lightning now strikes at the location of the Rapid Fire powerup spawn.
  • Player names in messages are now properly coloured in Team Deathmatch mode, now it's based on the team, Aqua team's player names are in aqua colour and Lime team's player names are in lime colour.
  • Damage of Fire Archer's Fireball was multiplied by 2.
  • Fixed a bug where Fire Archer's Fireball ability could damage teammates.
GameBox Update!
  • GameBox plugin and its GUI minigames were updated to the newest version!
  • All GameBox games were re-configured to follow same configuration format (colour codes, etc).
  • One Hit Mode in Battleship was removed due to unpopularity.
  • 2 brand-new GameBox minigames were added!

Three In A Row!
Utterly addicting game! You have to fill the grid with pieces of blue and white wool, but with only 3 of each in each row/column! Endless possibilities of starting board and tons of fun!

Match It!
A well-known game from the childhood! The objective is as simple as a piece of pumpkin pie. You just have to connect all the pairs of the same items together! Raging up from easy and fast 5 pairs up to hard and tedious 27 pairs!

Friendly Survival Update!
  • Respawning system was remade, now it will teleport you to Universe dimensional warp of the dimension in which you died instead of teleporting to your home (to specific spawnpoint in The End and Gaia).
  • Iron Ore and Gold Ore placement was remade again, now instead of getting "Unplaceable" lore when mined without Silk Touch, it gets "Placeable" lore when mined with Silk Touch.
  • Ability to warp to The End using Dimensional Warps was removed, now the Void is the only way.
  • You can now clear color of stained clay blocks by right-clicking with them on the cauldron.
  • Pregenerated Hoth dimension to avoid lags while generating.
  • Fixed not being able to use Iron and Gold Ores in Slimefun machines.
  • Fixed mobs having no AI.(Was only a short time bug)
  • Fixed fish which fell into the void appearing in the End.
  • Fixed a bug where snowballs/eggs damage could break armour of players.
Mini Sky Walls Improvements!
  • Now all blocks mined goes directly to your inventory instead of dropping, just like ores have been doing.
  • Now loot dropped from treasure finds and lucky blocks goes directly into inventory.
  • Now it spawns a chest with items of killed player after final kill instead of dropping the items.
  • Now TNT explodes more like vanilla TNT and it can now explode defense of crystals of life without exploding crystals of life.
  • Fixed not being able to place/break blocks/kill entities in the new map.
  • Fixed improper colouring of the nicknames.
Changes and Additions
  • Helmet and Boots of the selected cosmetic suit are now kept in-game of Snowball.
  • Regeneration power-up price was reduced to 3 melons in Snowball. (5 melons before).
  • Throwable Cobweb power-up price was reduced to 1 melon in Snowball. (8 melons before).
  • Now while the player is immune, they will have flickering glowing animation in Bomberman.
  • A hit sound was added if the player took damage in the fire in Bomberman.
  • Now if a player who has voted for a map quits, their vote gets removed and it doesn't count as voted today anymore after leaving a game before it starts.
  • Now maps which have at least 1 vote in map voting will be enchanted and will have vote count on them.

  • Server's scoreboard system was rewritten onto a new system - the new one doesn't break vanilla /scoreboard system like the previous one did and flickers even less!
Bugs are expected, as always please report any bugs if you find them!

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Hey everyone! 5 new maps this week! Huge Updates for Friendly Survival and Snowball!
A Massive Map Update!
  • New Elemental Archers Team Deathmatch map - Ships, built by our builders -SirSky and VisionWard13. Team up with yo' mates an' plunder some ships! Arrr!

  • New Spleent map - Chess, built by our builder -SirSky. Strain the deepest parts of your brain if you don't want to fall!

  • New Mini Sky Walls map - Sky of Caribbean, built by server co-creator Ultra_NC. Beware the creepiest of all the sky monsters! :O

  • New Bomberman map - Mystic, built by our builder cmIsBad! Discover all the unique passages and trap your opponents!

  • New Snowball map- Maze, built by our builder -SirSky! Explore the labyrinth and find all of its secrets! Try not to get lost!

Snowball Update!
  • Description of the power-ups in the shop was massively improved!
  • If the game was started with less than 4 players then it now says "Free!" in the price. 
  • "Click to buy!" message was added to the lore of the items in the shop.
  • "Not enough melons!" message was added. 
  • "You have already used this power-up in this life!" message was added. 
  • "This power-up is already active!" message was added. 
  • "You can only buy this in-game!" message was added.
  • "You have reached the limit of 5 power-ups per match!" message was added.
  • Kill/hit messages were remade, the name of the player now will be colored based on their team.
  • Combined "+1 Melon" and "+1 Melon from Double Melons Perk" messages into one.
  • Radar Breaker power-up was added. You now can be undetectable by radars for 30 seconds only for 2 melons!
  • Snowballs from the flamethrower now burn 20% of target's snowballs from their inventory.
  • Slowball power-up was rewritten. All of your snowballs now are converted to slowballs for whole life instead of just converting current snowballs into slowballs. 
  • Slowball power-up was buffed: Slowness I -> Slowness II, 40% chance of Slowness II -> 40% chance of Slowness III.
  • Reflection upgrade was added. If a snowball hits you then there is a chance for it to be reflected back to the enemy. This way the damage that was taken from the snowball is reduced by 50%. The chance of reflection can even be upgraded!
  • Level 1: 0.5% chance for 100 emeralds.
  • Level 2: 1% chance for 200 emeralds.
  • Level 13: 6.5% chance for 1300 emeralds.
  • Level 14: 7% chance for 1400 emeralds.
  • Players now can be attacked with fists. It deals one heart of damage per hit. Now players who ran out of the snowballs have some chance!
  • Now throwable cobwebs and snowmen power-up activation items stack in the inventory.
  • Some messages were made more informative and code of the game was improved overall.
Friendly Survival Update!
A new dimension in Friendly Survival was released! It's called Mysteria. This dimension requires 1 Ender Pearl to unlock. It’s the smallest dimension of all – only 450x450 blocks. But don’t be ashamed – it changes every day! It's a mysterious unpredictable dimension, one day it may be a cold taiga, another day it may be a hot desert! 
  • The End dimension does not reset daily anymore.
  • Now end crystals automatically respawn after ender dragon spawn.
  • Obsidian towers can no longer be broken by players.
  • Now if the home location is blocked by blocks then the coordinates are told to the player.
  • The Golden Dragon was replaced by the normal Ender Dragon.
  • Talisman of Miner from Slimefun was disabled due to it not working properly.
  • You can no longer place gold and iron ores mined without Silk Touch due to duplication exploits.
  • Giants now will be neutral to a player. But if you have full iron armour or any piece of diamond armour, they become hostile.
  • Fixed universe dimensional warps being able to be removed for inactivity.
  • Fixed unlimited range /tpa exploit.
  • Fixed a duplication glitch related to mining experience.
  • Fixed phantom blocks sometimes appearing after breaking a custom player head from Slimefun/Exotic Garden.
Additions and Changes
  • Friend system was rewritten and optimized!
  • Added a couple of aliases to commands. (Like /fl)
  • Frost Archer's ability to turn water into ice was replaced with Frost Walker I enchantment that was added to the boots of Frost Archer in Elemental Archers.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed being able to have a friend named "None".
  • Fixed game start XP progress bar could sometimes freeze or become stuck at the wrong second if the game start was cancelled.
  • Fixed some bugs with spectator teleportation in Spleent.
  • Fixed block-type activation items not activating if the placement destination is blocked by an entity.
  • Fixed insta-mining triggering Gbot AntiCheat autoclicker detection.
  • Fixed swimming in 1.13 sometimes triggering GBot AntiCheat detection.
  • Fixed riding on a horse sometimes triggering GBot AntiCheat detection.

Update summary was written by Vampire_Artyom.

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Weekly Summary 23rd July - 29th July
Hey everyone! Another Weekly Summary is here!

Elemental Archers Update!
  • Creepers spawned from Creeper Archer's passive ability now target enemies automatically.             
  • Skeletons and creepers now have permanent Wither I effect. 
  • You'll no longer spawn near other players in Deathmatch Mode.
  • Frost Archer's Harming Potions are now in the same slot.
  • Particles from potion effects have been removed.
  • You now take fall damage if you are under 'feet shot' effect.
  • You no longer sometimes get launched into the air if under 'feet shot' effect.

Improved GBot AntiCheat!
  • Now almost all fly hacks are easily detectable!

Waiting Lobby Spawnpoint System Revamp!
  • A Redstone Repeater was added to all waiting lobbies. This way you can teleport to the spawnpoint of the waiting lobby. Now if you run far away and want to go back - you can now easily teleport back!

Additions and Changes:
  • Maps are now sorted according to the map rating.
  • You can now cancel units which are in the queue by clicking on them; you'll get all of your gold refunded in Castle Wars.
  • Old-School Survival dynamic map was removed.
  • Giants are now 6 times rarer in Friendly Survival.

Bug Fixes:
  • Main Hub/General:
  • Fixed slabs not respawning.
  • Fixed ability entities not despawning.

  • Fixed not being able to move at all in Checkers.
  • Fixed Chicken Shoot game ending 1 second too early.
  • Fixed "Leave the game" items not disappearing in 1 vs 1 games.
  • Fixed YOUR TEAM/ENEMY TEAM messages being not properly colored in Snowball and EA: TDM.
  • Fixed a couple of other small bugs.
  • Fixed almost all games starting 1 second too early.

Update summary was written by Vampire_Artyom

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Weekly Summary July 16th – July 22nd
Hey everyone! The long-awaited 1.13 was released along with 1000th update! The server has stepped into the PSI era. A lot of additions, changes and bug fixes this week!

1.13 Support!
1.13 is now supported on the server! It's extremely buggy right now, so testing is required! Please remember to report any server bugs you find either on the discord or the Bug Reports forum!

Checkers Update!
Checkers were remade and optimized!
  • A lot of optimizations!
  • Turn count now increases after every turn of the Stone team.(every team's turn previously)
  • Checkers are now placed on the black fields. (White before)
  • Queens are now properly removed after death.
  • Fixed getting out of the map in the waiting lobby.
  • Fixed selecting unplayable checkers.
  • Fixed a small movement display bug.

Castle Wars Update!
Everything you have never ever dreamed of! New unit queue system! Remade unit hiring! Teleport!
  • You no longer have to click per 1.5 seconds to recruit units. Now you can queue them so they appear automatically.
  • A new very fancy GUI! It shows the queue and hiring progress of your units. No more hotbar hiring!
  • New Ability - Teleport! No more Sneak-Boosting!
  • Fixed the unit selection of the previous game not clearing properly.
  • Fixed game not ending if the king disappears.

Ability PvP Update!
  • Added Rapid Fire ability to Ability PvP. It allows you to set your opponents on fire and deal massive damage!
  • Lighting Ability now deals more damage as you get closer to it. Be aware of it, insta-kills are now possible!
  • Lighting Ability radius was buffed to 3. (2 before) This prevents you from neglecting all of the lightning damage.
  • Fixed fire not rollbacking at all.
  • Fixed permanent block placing exploit using Lighting Ability.
  • Fixed some non-solid blocks not rollbacking sometimes.
  • Fixed destroying blocks near the NPC-s.

Perk amount in Spleent is growing!
A brand new perk - Creeper Chance Perk. It grants you a chance to spawn a Friendly Creeper where you snowball hits.
Level 1: 5% chance for 200 emeralds
Level 2: 10% chance for 400 emeralds

Level 9: 45% chance for 1800 emeralds
Level 10: 50% chance for 2000 emeralds

Snowball Update!
  • Added lootable melons to Assault and Aztec maps.
  • Melon blocks in maps now always give 3 melons. (1-3 before)
  • 4 snowballs are now required to kill Snowmen. (3 before)
  • Snowmen now shoot faster and sometimes shoot up to 2 snowballs simultaneously.
  • Snowballs now stack up to 80 in one slot. (64 before)
  • Fixed special snowballs not functioning at all.
  • Fixed snowball unstacking.

Other Changes and Additions
  • General: Skins from /skin command are now saved and kept after relogging.
  • Knockout: If Immortality Perk activates it’s announced to all players.
  • EA: Now you can't shoot for 3 seconds after being shot to the arm. (5 before)
  • EA: If Lifesteal Arrow Ability activates, it's announced to all players.
  • EA: Fireball Ability cooldown is now shown in the EXP bar.
Bug Fixes
General/Main Hub
  • Fixed joining two games simultaneously.
  • Fixed a server crash using fireworks.
  • Fixed liquids flowing in the main hub.
  • Fixed villager skin mode activating not on purpose.
  • Fixed being stuck on booster pressure plates. 
  • Fixed time not lapsing correctly.

Elemental Archers
  • Fixed guards attacking team members in TDM.
  • Fixed being able to attack your team's mobs and guards in TDM.
  • Fixed being able to shoot if your arm got shot while you were charging the bow.

  • Fixed respawning near players.
  • Fixed being immortal while being damaged by a cactus.
  • Fixed snowballs from Snowman Perk going into different slots.
  • Fixed pull eggs not being removed after death.

  • Creative: Fixed a griefing exploit using Ender Crystals.
  • Chicken Shoot: Fixed map info being incorrect. 
  • Spleent: Fixed Super Jump Perk not being upgradable.

As usual, please remember to report any bugs you find either on the discord or the Bug Reports forum!
Update post was written by Vampire_Artyom.

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Weekly Update summaries are now back, they have been gone for a while due to our previous weekly update summary writer(Teewie) not having time for it anymore, now we have new update summary writer - Vampire_Artyom! They will be back to being up-to-date, hopefully!
Hey everyone! 
A lot of new updates this week.
Spleent Update!
Ever wanted to shoot TNT even faster and make your opponents fall into the void quicker? Introducing the extended shop! Couldn't play Spleent because it was too laggy for you? Now you can! 
  • The shop was remade completely! It now uses the latest server's shop format.
  • New cannon upgrades! Now it's not only every resource type but also enchanted ones, so now there are 9 different cannons! Ranging from Wood to Enchanted Diamond Cannon!
  • No more lag in Spleent for weak computers! A new button in the shop to toggle falling blocks animation ON/OFF! Before Spleent was a bit laggy on weak computers due to the enormous amount of falling blocks, now it isn't, you can disable the display of falling blocks just for yourself!
  • Some small bug fixes.
The Mining Camp Update!
Are you tired of the cheaters in the game? Now it's impossible to cheat!
  • A new mining system! Now players need to only click on a block once, then the block will automatically break and give the resources. This way editing mining speed with cheats is now impossible since block mining is not handled purely server-side.
  • Now every pickaxe upgrade grants you extra mining speed, so you will no more get your mining speed decreased by the new pickaxe tiers.
  • Rage mode length has been increased from 5 seconds to 6 seconds and now it always instantly breaks blocks, no matter what pickaxe you have.
Castle Wars Update!
Never liked archers AI? Thought were too dumb? Introducing the new AI. Now smarter than ever!
Archers AI was improved a lot. They now can:
  • Flee from combat.
  • Adjust their position if a shot was missed.
  • Shoot from a longer range. (15 --> 30 meters)
  • Shoot with a differently charged bow based on the distance they are from the target.
New rating system!
Finally, you can judge how good our maps are using brand-new 5-star rating system!
Right now these games are supported:
  • Snowball
  • Govindas Survival Games
  • Spleent
  • Mini Sky Walls
  • Elemental Archers
  • Knockout
  • Bomberman
New Maps!
Check out the awesome new maps!
New Elemental Archers: TDM map! Called League and built by server co-creator - Ultra_NC. 

It has one awesome feature: if you approach the opposite team's towers and get too close to them you'll get smited by the lightning bolts!
Be incredibly careful!
The 12th map of Snowball called Aztec. It was built by Butterbacon16.

Feel the new and most rainy map of Snowball!
The 13th map of Snowball called Assault. It was built by TheLuigiPlayer.

Coincidence? The 13th map was added in the week which had Friday 13th in it. 
Minor Additions
  • New action bar in Snowball. It displays the speed and delay of your snowball shot. 
Minor Changes
  • Cooldown in Elemental Archers is now displayed in the XP bar, not in the action bar.
  • Now melon looting in Snowball is separated per map.
Bug Fixes
  • No Sprinting modifier in 1v1 no longer breaks if a golden apple was eaten. To avoid this, golden apples got replaced with normal apples working as golden.
  • Snowballs can no longer destroy paintings in Snowball.
  • Some games are no longer endless.
  • Item frames can no longer be rotated if the player is in the adventure mode.

As usual, please remember to report any bugs you find either on the discord or the Bug Reports forum!
Update post was written by Vampire_Artyom.

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