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Race Parkour Competition
 Govindas •   about 1 month ago •  137

We have just released a new Parkour map: Race, built by GBBGerben!

It is a parkour of Easy difficulty, something our Parkour gamemode lacked for a really long time - all parkours were only for more experienced parkourers

and together with this new map release, I want to announce a competition

starting from this message, till December 6th, TOP 3 fastest time parkourers in Race parkour will be awarded!

:first_place::first_place: #1: 15,000 Emeralds
:second_place: #2: 7,500 Emeralds
:third_place: #3: 3,000 Emeralds

All parkour playthroughs will be automatically recorded by our system, so we will be able to verify every playthrough if it is legitimate.

Good luck parkouring!

Race Parkour map

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Database corruption
 Govindas •   about 1 month ago •  169

Today while I was developing an update, my code accidently inserted corrupted data into database which resulted into our whole database corruption.


I've restored from backup, however it is 3 days old and some data is lost


affected data:

- daily updates history

- emeralds, playtime, lastlogin data of players

- website registrations


I will try my best to restore the 3 days data that has been lost, if you're affected by this and lost something important - please let me know.


I will make database backups more frequent in the future, to avoid issues like this happening again.

EDIT: Daily updates history has been restored

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Website Update
 Govindas •   2 months ago •  161

I have just changed the template of the website to one that fits our server much better! If you find any issues, please let me know about them in the comments of this post.

I'd like to also give more visibility to some of the biggest recent updates, our Creative World has been updated from 1.12.2 to 1.16.4! You can now enjoy all the new Minecraft blocks and mobs in your plots!

Castle Wars has been progressing really nicely too, it is a pretty stable game now - it is still lacking features that are planned, but it has reached a point where it is easily playable without annoying issues!

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Recent downtime
 Govindas •   3 months ago •  183

We recently had a downtime of a bit over 24 hours at October 6th - 7th due to our VPS plan expiring and the developer that was responsible for its payments has went missing in action unexpectedly, on this server we ran our website, proxy and database servers so without it our whole network became unreachable.

I had to buy a new VPS in a rush and re-setup everything on it so we can get everything back up.

I had taken backup of most important data just 1 day before it, so it took only 1-2 days to restore the data that wasn't backed up.

The new VPS is of far better resources, so it'll improve our network stability in the future, so there is a good thing out of this situation!

For the most part everything is now back to its places!

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Main server upgrade
 Govindas •   4 months ago •  243

Our hosting provider will be moving our main server onto a new processor today, which will result in far greater performance.

There will be some downtime as I will likely be not available to setup everything immediately, expect downtime of up to 16 hours. If main server is down, only fallback server can be accessed, so it'll be unplayable. For future I am slowly working towards easier manageable structure which will not require absolute main server uptime.

EDIT: It is being later than announced, so it may happen at September 14th instead

EDIT 2: maybe September 15? or 16? wow they're being really late on their word.

It has been done at September 16th night, we had exactly 9 hours of downtime

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