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Meanwhile, the Castle Wars Update spree continues! So, let's get straight into the changes!

Castle Wars Update!
  • Y coordinate difference is now ignored in the unit selection. 
  • A limit of 4500 heart particles of unit selection was added.
  • Every unit killed in the game is now counted, if you select a unit, you can see its kill count in the name of their hotbar item.
  • Controls were added to the lore of hotbar items.
  • In-fight performance of units was improved.
  • Unit damages are now more balanced.
  • Archer shooting delay was increased (2 seconds --> 3 seconds).
  • Lores of hotbar items are now more informative.
  • "hiring" was replaced with "training" in the chat messages.
  • Gold rewards from kills were removed for balance.
  • You can no longer place walls within the 10 block radius from the enemy walls.

Bug Fixes
  • GL-46 Target priorities of units in Castle Wars aren't working
  • GL-47 Sometimes your unselected units glow in Castle Wars
  • GL-48 Creeper price is 15 gold instead of 30 gold as displayed in Castle Wars
  • GL-49 Double LMB click selection of units of the same type isn't varied according to the unit on the ground and the unit on a horse in Castle Wars

10 Oct 2018, 12:41 0 | 2
The server has finally stepped into the Omega era. The last era before the server becomes officially out of early-development stages!  
This week Castle Wars have received the largest update of all time!

Massive Castle Wars Update!

Wall building!
LMB* to start visualising wall building and RMB to make the wall real. Simple as that, you can now draw walls with your cursor.

Creeper Unit! 
Players can use creppers to blow up opponent's walls which are blocking the way to the castle! They are slow but healthy.

Unit selection system! 
LMB once then move the cursor and press RMB to select units in a cuboid region. The selected area will be shown using the power of heart particles!
Double LMB on unit to select all units of the same type within 50 blocks. RMB on a unit to select/unselect it individually. 
See the preview here

Unit stances!
Stand Ground and Aggressive stances are currently implemented. 

Stand Ground stance makes units to hang out in one place and attack from it.

Aggressive stance is the default one that has been intact for ages.

New Unit AI

All units now:
Have target priorities, you can set your selected units to target these enemy units:
  • Closest Unit
  • Archers
  • Swordsmen
  • Horses
  • Creepers
  • Have better in-fight AI, they will no longer be confused for a short time after killing the enemy, they will quickly target next unit.

Swordsmen now:
  • Jump if they can't reach their target.

Archers now:
  • Shoot properly from higher/lower places.
  • Have better accuracy.
  • Will be less likely to try to shoot through a block which is blocking the way. They will try to adjust position instead.
  • Will attempt to climb up 1 block tall walls if they are blocking their arrows.

Horses now:
  • Don't walk around randomly if they have a rider.

Other CW Changes
  • Arrows knockback was reduced by 50%
  • Archers' damage was increased.
  • Unit formations and barracks were merged into one item.
  • Teleport Stick was removed. 
  • Now if you click with the selection wand while sneaking, it will teleport you just like Teleport Stick did.
  • A lot of descriptions were improved.

Bug Fixes
  • GL-42 Sunlight breaks helmets of units.
  • GL-43 Archers sometimes tried to shoot dead targets.
  • GL-44 Archers keep moving to enemy unit's position after the enemy unit has died.
  • GL-45 You can start hiring more units then you should if you are clicking fast.

With so many changes happening, Castle Wars is likely to get buggy at some places, please report any bugs or anything not-so-good to Govindas on either the forums or in the discord!

* LMB - Left Mouse Button, RMB - Right Mouse Button

01 Oct 2018, 12:32 0 | 5
Another weekly summary for you to read! Enjoy!

Snowball Update!

Capture The Flag mode was released!
Each team needs to capture at least 5 enemy flags to win! 

Mode Features!
  • Compass tracks enemy flag.
  • Slowness I is applied to you replacing speed effect on a flag pickup.
  • Flag holders can't buy Speed Powerups.
  • There is a 1-second cooldown between picking up flags and dropping flags.
  • If you are a flag holder, your compass will track your flag instead of the enemy flag.
  • Flag holders don't have Depth Strider enchant.​
  • The respawning animation was added. (You can't move for 5 seconds after death).
Other Snowball Changes
  • Armor bars from the starting armor were removed. That made normal players take less damage than the suit users.
  • Helmets no longer change in team modes with suits to avoid confusion. (Now only boots change).
  • Suits now work properly in non-team modes.

3 New Modifiers!
  • Reflection Snowballs modifier for Snowball! It sets Snowball Reflection Chance to 100%!
  • Instakill Snowballs modifier for Snowball! It makes each snowball lethal to normal players! (But not to Iron Chestplate users).
  • Double Jump modifier for Knockout! It's a very fun and enjoyable modifier! It allows access to places you have never been into! You can make a double jump if you sneak mid-air after jumping!

Party Update!
  • You can now be invited to parties even if you are already in a party.
  • Party System code was optimised.
  • New Commands!
/p open


With this command you can allow players to freely join your party.
/p join <player>

With it you can join public parties.

Changes and Additions
  • Resource trees from Friendly Survival were removed! This was done for balance because they were way too op. 
  • Players were no longer able to use these commands in Creative World plots to cheat parkours and challenges. 
  • These commands are now only usable while you are in creative mode or when you are the owner of the plot.

Bug Fixes
  • GL-36 Sand don't reset in The Mining Camp.
  • GL-37 Death message formatting is broken in Snowball.
  • GL-38 Snowmen can hit and kill owners in non-team games in Snowball.
  • GL-39 "Game will start in" message formatting is broken in the Gamecore.
  • GL-40 The helmet isn't given back properly after you have stopped holding the enemy flag.
  • GL-41 The opposite's team flag return message is incorrect.

24 Sep 2018, 14:30 0 | 5
Hey everyone! Not many updates this week, but nevertheless let's get into some changes!

Snowball Update!
  • You'll now get a snowman for every 5 kills killstreak.
  • Amount of snowballs gained after a kill was increased from 10 to 15.
  • Anti-AFK kill farming protection was added, now if a player hasn't shot a snowball in their current life gets killed, they will give only 3 points and no Emeralds or Melons would be acquired and the kill will not go to the game statistics.
The win rewards have been changed, previously it was 25 Emeralds for the win in all modes, now it's:

Team Deathmatch: Emeralds = amount of kills done in the game by players.
Deathmatch: Emeralds = amount of kills done in the game by players * 2
Team Elimination: Emeralds = amount of kills done in the game by players * 3
Elimination: Emeralds = amount of kills done in the game by players * 4

Small Castle Wars Update!
  • Damage of Archers was remade, it should be much more stable now and wouldn't vary from time to time.
  • Items of selected units were added to the hotbar.
  • Left Click with a unit item to unselect all units of other types than the one you clicked with.
  • Right Click with a unit item to remove 1 unit of that type from the selection. 
  • Shift + Right Click to remove all units of that type from the selection.

Other Changes/Additions
  • [Click to vote] button is now shown in the chat after the first vote in the gamecore.
  • The water level in the cauldron now gets reduced while uncoloring hardened clay blocks in Friendly Survival. 
  • Average Shots Per Second statistic was added to the end game message of Chicken Shoot. 
  • Chicken Shoot code was partly rewritten and optimised.

Bug Fixes
  • GL-21 Queens in Checkers are no longer broken.
  • GL-35 You can no longer uncolor hardened clay blocks using an empty cauldron in Friendly Survival.

19 Sep 2018, 12:44 0 | 4
Hey everyone! Snowball was massively revamped this week alongst with some other changes!

Huge Snowball Revamp!
The whole Snowball minigame was split into multiple modes. 4 modes were released this week and 2 are coming soon!

Team Deathmatch / Deathmatch Modes!
Get points for your team/yourself to win.

Lives were completely remade into points!
You now get 10 points/kill and + 3 points/kill of the player's killstreak.

You must get (players * 25) points to win the game.

Now the team with most points wins when game time is over.

Team Elimination / Elimination Modes!
Everyone gets one life!

In elimination modes, you do not respawn and the base damage of snowball is reduced from 4.5 hearts to 2 hearts to make fights longer!
The last team alive/the last player alive wins!

You can vote for a mode using the voting chest, 40%+ of players votes => mode gets chosen, without voting the mode is different for every match.
  • Reduced spawn protection time from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • You can no longer buy new snowmen if you already have one in your inventory.

Other Changes/Additions
  • Added spawn protection flickering animation with invisibility effect.
  • Gamecore names formatting was rewritten to use different formatting of player names, previously in some places, player names were orange, in some, light green. 
  • They are now coloured based on the rank of the player.
  • Top 3 kills messages in team games are now coloured based on their team now.
  • After-damage protection flickering animation in Bomberman was remade, now it's invisibility effect instead of the glowing effect.
  • Maps were disabled in the server because of their limit.
  • Leaderboards system of the server was rewritten, it now should be better for performance.

Bug Fixes
  • GL-23 Player can't drown in Snowball.
  • GL-24 Top 3 points showing names incorrectly if you are the one who lost the game.
  • GL-25 Balanced teams modifier put all players in the game into the same team.
  • GL-26 Deaths count don't reset from the previous game in Snowball.
  • GL-27 You keep double health after dying in Ability PVP.
  • GL-28 Space Archer world time isn't shown in the scoreboard in Elemental Archers.
  • GL-29 Health counter is broken in 1v1.
  • GL-30 Snowmen on the same team can kill each other.

10 Sep 2018, 12:07 0 | 6