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This week brought to us Castle Wars spree continuations, RoA improvements & bugfixes! Enjoy the summary!

Castle Wars Update!


  • All units will now always be in a Square formation!
  • All "formation differences" were removed from the game completely.
  • Line formation was removed. 
  • Now even if you reselect your units, they won't change their positions in the formation.
  • Formations are now auto-sorted based on unit type: Archers, Creepers and Wizards go in the middle while Swordsmen go to the sides.
  • Horses now have more space in-between each other in a Square formation.


Quality of Life Changes

  • Action bar explanation message now appears when blocks are placed outside your land.
  • Lore of items is now split into multiple lines properly, there should be no more problems with the text being too long on some screens to be able to read.
  • Pathfinding was optimised.
  • Combat AI was highly optimised once again.
  • Arrow knockback was highly reduced.

New Hotbar Items Hierarchy

  • Horse units are now split into different items in the hotbar instead of being in the same item:
    • Archers: Bow
    • Horse Archers: Saddle
    • Swordsmen: Iron Sword 
    • Horse Swordsmen: Iron Horse Armour
    • Wizards: Wizard's Head
    • Horse Wizards: Diamond Horse Armour

Horse Archer AI Improvements!

  • Horse Archer will now try to run away from melee attacks.
  • Rotate nicely when need to shoot a target.
  • Use the same other AI calculations as normal archers. 

Other Changes

  • Outside-combat regeneration was massively increased in the Realm of Almarath.
  • Blindness is no longer given on beach portal entering in the Realm of Almarath.


  • GL-249 Quests don't work in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-250 One spawnpoint can spawn more mobs than it should in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-251 Players never get out of combat without relogging in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-252 /ptp doesn't work properly with party members in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-253 Crash problem related to water in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-254 Items may have wrong stat formatting in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-255 Beach portal works buggy in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-256 Ender crystal powerups stack up on top of each other at their spawn points in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-257 Creepers do not explode walls in Castle Wars.
  • GL-258 Players hitting units can cause AI checks to trigger in Castle Wars.
  • GL-259 Stand ground stance doesn't work properly in Castle Wars.
  • GL-260 Trapdoors count as full solid blocks and units were trying to walk on top of them while pathfinding in Castle Wars.
  • GL-261 Archers do their first shot without charging the bow in Castle Wars.
  • GL-262 If you select only one unit with a horse, it can't be moved in Castle Wars.

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Really important server-wide changes were made this week! Amongst with them, RoA has finally recieved a rebalancing update. Thus, the work on Castle Wars continues!

General Changes & Additions

1.8 is now partially supported!
  • This was made to allow 1.8 players to take a look at the server and decide whether they want to play normally!
  • You do not receive emeralds while playing on 1.8.
  • Since the server is normally unplayable on 1.8 because of lots of incompatibilities and some unfixable bugs, 1.8 version won't be fully supported.
Friendly Survival and Old-school Survival gamemodes are now available for cracked players!
Server-wide Enchanting System was changed to vanilla 1.9 one.
  • You no longer take damage while a script is reloading.
  • The №2 voting link was changed to
  • Top 3 monthly voters now receive their rewards automatically!
  • Logout in combat is now handled better.
  • Player warping now functions better.

Castle Wars Update!

Unit Menu Remake! 

  • Command buttons can target individually selected unit types instead of all selected units. 
  • Pressing 1 while hovering your cursor over target priority: Creepers, will ONLY set your selected Archers' target priority to Creepers.
  • Pressing 2 would result in the same activity done for Swordsmen.
  • 0/10 means that NONE of your units are set on this action right now.
  • 10/10 means that ALL 10 of your units are set on this action right now.


Other CW Tweaks

  • Arrows now despawn faster.
  • Castle Wars performance was drastically improved overall.
  • Archers in Castle Wars can now shoot to the location you're looking at by using DROP key action on their hotbar item.
  • Target priorities were optimized.

Realm of Almarath Rebalances!

  • The limit of mobs on one spawnpoint was decreased to 2. [3 --> 2]
  • The number of mobs spawning in a spawnpoint at once was reduced. 2 mobs at once now spawn only when there are 3+ players around. [2 --> 3]
  • Killer Bunny now only appears on 1-2 level quests. [0 --> 1-2]
  • Killer Bunny now spawns x2 more often. [3% --> 6%]
  • You now receive XP from kills again. But that happens only if the player and the mob are 3+ levels apart. It will give you the same amount of XP as your level on a kill. 

Other Changes

  • Death messages are now handled better in GSG.


  • GL-240 Wizards swim really slow in 1 block water in Castle Wars.
  • GL-241 Archers try to shoot through 1 block walls in Castle Wars. 
  • GL-242 PMC isn't supported by the server's votifier.
  • GL-243 Infinite Emeralds exploit.
  • GL-244 /vote command formatting and clickability is broken.
  • GL-245 The creative world is full of null plots.
  • GL-246 GameBox's leaderboards are full of unknown players.
  • GL-248 Target priorities do not work

09 Apr 2019, 15:24 0 | 7
Castle Wars update spree continues (with a pinch of Friendly Survival and other stuff)! Tons of improvements, optimisations and bugfixes await you!

General Changes

  • Giant one-year long performance problem, causing 100% CPU usage was finally solved! It mostly affected these gamemodes:
    • Friendly Survival
    • Realm of Almarath
    • Castle Wars
  • Keepalive timeout was increased! [30 seconds ---> 120 seconds] 
  • This will greatly help players with connection problems to not get kicked.
  • /tps command is now available for all players, so it's now possible to check if that it is the player lag which is intact or it is the server lag.
  • The voting menu in all minigames no longer automatically opens.
  • There is now an XP progress bar showing when you can poop in the Main Lobby.
  • Payment methods were updated in our webstore, now paying via cards is possible using PayPal.

Castle Wars Update!

General CW Changes!

  • Sign item functionality was merged with wood sword functionality. 
  • Sign Item was removed completely.
  • When you select hotbar item for the first time, it will now tell its usage in the chat.
  • Training queue slots were moved down so they are more noticeable and not hidden by lore.
  • You are no longer forced to fly.
  • You can now move units closer to the enemy's king.
  • Formations now pathfind better.
  • Unit pathfinding distance limit was increased. [100 blocks --> 250 blocks] 
  • Draw timer was added to the scoreboard.


  • Combat AI was massively optimised.
  • Wall building was optimised.
  • Unit selection system was optimised.
  • Emblems system was optimised.
  • Horse mounting system was optimised.
  • Troops death system was optimised.

Troop-related Changes

Creepers AI Remake & Changes! 
  • Creepers which are on aggressive stance will now walk to the nearest enemy and explode. 
  • But they will only walk to walls on stand Ground Stance. Walls are a higher priority than enemies. 
  • If a Creeper is walking to a wall, they will ignore other targets.
  • Creeper  was reduced. [40 --> 20]
  • Creeper speed was increased a little bit.
Archer Realistic Shooting & Rebalances
  • Archers aiming now works as in the real world! 
    • It now uses ballistic movement! 
    • Archers now shoot at a certain angle to reach enemies located further from the player.
  • Archer arrow speed was decreased.
  • Archer damage was increased. [3 ---> 4]
Other Troop Changes
  • All troops now regenerate 0.25 / second.
  • Wizard's health loss was decreased.

Chains Map Improvements!

  • More light around castles and roads was added. 
  • Made all chains climbable to be fairer for all sides.

Other CW Changes

  • Amount of entities flowing in the river in Oasis map was reduced.
  • Emblem editing (/emblem) in-game now updates Emblems every 5 seconds, no longer requiring new game start.

Friendly Survival Update!

New TIPs System!

  • This system will gradually take over all gamemodes! 
  • It prevents tips which you have seen recently from being shown.
  • Tips are dependent on the world, so different dimensions may tell you different useful information! 
  • Tips are sent every 5 minutes, if you have seen all the tips recently, none will be sent.
  • Tip of a possibility to track world spawn is now shown when you execute /spawn.

Main FS Mechanic Changes

  • Realistic Water Mechanics plugin's performance received a giant boost update.
  • Realistic Water Mechanics work much smoother now.
  • /survivalrules command is now coloured differently than the other message.
  • Gravity is now less strict, now support is needed every 8 blocks. [7 blocks --> 8 blocks]

EA & Snowball Tweaks

  • The formula for points needed to win in some of Elemental Archers modes was changed from players * 25 to players * 15.
  • Dying multiple times in a row no longer reduces points in the Juggernaut mode in both Snowball and Elemental Archers.
  • Spawn protection was removed in Juggernaut mode in both Snowball and Elemental Archers.


  • GL-226 Creative World stuff conflicts with Castle Wars.
  • GL-227 Horse archers do not have bow charge animation in Castle Wars.
  • GL-228 Horse archers shoot x2 faster than normal archers in Castle Wars.
  • GL-229 Most troops are unable to regenerate in Castle Wars.
  • GL-230 Creepers do x2 more damage than they should in Castle Wars.
  • GL-231 You can put items into your second hand in Castle Wars.
  • GL-232 Spawn movement is buggy in Castle Wars.
  • GL-233 You can fly in Main Lobby if you exit server while in spectator mode.
  • GL-234 Creepers do not spawn in The Mining Camp.
  • GL-235 You can shoot with a bow in Castle Wars.
  • GL-236 Mobs deal double damage in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-237 Units walk in a circle if you tell them to move further than the pathfinding limit (100) in Castle Wars.
  • GL-238 Palms of Tree Growth System have glass/cocoa bean in wrong places when they grow.
  • GL-239 Archers can pick up loot in Castle Wars.

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Summary [3/3]! Giant Castle Wars Update and Sprays [Beta] release with a pinch of bugfixes!

Castle Wars Update!

New Map!

A new awesome map was added! It is named Oasis and was built by a lot of people from the Govindas Limework staff team. The whole list of contributors by order of contribution below: 
CREATOR Govindas
CO-CREATOR Vampire_Artyom
BUILDER Bluey10429
BUILDER uwubunny 

  • The map has a River in the middle with actual simulated River flow! You can see leaves and similar stuff flowing in the river! 
  • Units can now easily walk in 1-meter deep water. 
  • Units slowly swim in 2+ meter deep water.

New Pathfinding AI! 

  • All units now have a new awesome Pathfinding AI!
  • It is much smarter and units no longer get randomly stuck on blocks.
  • Units can finally walk long distances without getting stuck and walk on rough terrain. 
  • Also, the Pathfinding AI was optimised overall.

Death messages for troops!

  • They are made that way which won't spam the chat. 
  • Death messages are sent with a 5-second cooldown to prevent spam. 
  • Example of the message: "Wizard has killed Archer (x10)"

Archers Rebalance!

  • Archers now deal more than x2.4 less damage.
  • The velocity of shot arrows was increased.
  • Stand Ground stance is now enabled by default for archers.
  • Custom bow charging animation system! 
  • They now charge their bows in synchronisation with shooting arrows.
  • Archers now don't always have 100% accuracy. 
  • First arrow shot is less accurate than the next ones. 
  • Archers never completely miss.
  • Archers are unable to shoot while swimming.

New Horse Archer AI!

  • First and most importantly, Horse Archer AI now works.
  • Horse Archers can now shoot while being moved by the player. 
  • You can just move them around the enemy castle at high speeds and have enemies eliminated, they are awesome for quick and fast-paced attacks. 

Wizards Rebalance!

  • Wizard's arrow blocking ability now has 3 block radius (2 --> 3).
  • Wizards now lose less health from the ability above.
  • Wizard will no longer use magic when his health is too low to avoid death and regenerate health back to normal.

Gather Point!

  • Gather point selection was added. Use DROP KEY with a wooden sword to open it, afterwards select unit and their gather point will be set to the block you were looking last at.
  • Unexpectedly, units would gather at that point.


Other Changes

  • All blocks above sold wall now get sold.
  • Bricks are now unplaceable above air blocks.
  • Day and night cycle was introduced!
  • Troop fall damage was reduced by x2.
  • GUI error buttons are now much easier to understand.
  • Example: "Not enough gold!" message would stay on screen until there would be enough gold, instead of disappearing after 0.5 seconds.

[BETA] Sprays!

  • Spray is a 128x128 image, completely fitting into a Minecraft map. 
  • You can use sprays in any minigame, lobby or in Parkour. 
  • They have a 10-second cooldown and a limit of 5 sprays per match if you are in-game
  • Sprays placed outside minigames disappear after 30 seconds. 
  • Sprays placed in minigames are kept until the game end.
  • Sprays are a VIP-only feature.
  • Sprays can be used by pressing the SWITCH HANDS button.


  • GL-214 Voting for special maps doesn't work in Snowball and Govindas SG.
  • GL-215 Double chests do not generate items properly in Govindas SG.
  • GL-216 Line formation prevents units from going through the bridge.
  • GL-217 Slimefun trees appear in Castle Wars map. 
  • GL-218 King of the Castle drops his sword on the game end.
  • GL-219 Emblem drawing doesn't work.
  • GL-220 You could place wall blocks outside your area.
  • GL-221 Blocks outside your area are not being properly reset.
  • GL-222 If a player stands directly inside a troop, archers cannot kill that troop. 
  • GL-223 Arrows can not go through horses of teammates.
  • GL-224 Many troops try to mount the same horse.
  • GL-225 Troops killed stat isn't being reset at the start of a new match.

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Summary [2/3]! Lots of bugfixes, Quality of Life improvements and, most importantly, Emblems and Castle Wars updates!

Castle Wars Update!

New Wall Building System!

  • You can now place bricks the vanilla way. 
  • Breaking blocks sells them back for 1 Stone.
  • Old building method is still available, but to use it, you have to press SNEAK.

Equipment Drops!

  • When a troop is killed, he now drops parts of its equipment on the ground.
  • It disappears within a minute or after a certain limit is reached.

Other Changes

  • Idling troops were optimised.
  • The player's emblem is now shown above the king.
  • Archers AI was improved!


  • You can draw your own Emblem (of 10x10 size, 100px in total) by using /emblem. 
  • You can use the command anywhere in the server! 
  • Emblem of a player is displayed in the scoreboard, when you enter their land, for 5 seconds. 
  • Also, it's shown above the king in Castle Wars. 
  • You can click anywhere once to remove it quicker.
  • The Emblem is not displayed if the player has not created their Emblem yet. 

Other Changes

  • Wither spawning was disabled in Creative World.
  • The levelling system was rewritten in Friendly Survival.
  • Level progress (Farming, Mining, Hunting) is now shown in the bossbar instead of action bar in Friendly Survival!
  • Now there is a bossbar, showing server's IP, which appears in most games apart from Survivals.

  • Bossbar now shows Juggernaut Health in Snowball and Elemental Archers.
  • Phantom shield blocking in 1.8-like combat was removed server-wide.


  • GL-206 Wizards block allied arrows.
  • GL-207 Left clicking with an item is not properly registered.
  • GL-208 Juggernaut is not being set properly on a kill in Snowball and Elemental Archers.
  • GL-209 Phantom armour bars appear after Snowball games.
  • GL-210 Custom damage of items doesn't work at all in Govindas SG.
  • GL-211 Some stats aren't saved with logout kills in Govindas SG.
  • GL-212 Armour bars reduce damage in the Realm of Almarath.
  • GL-213 Ability PvP killstreak armour is infinite, meaning you can reach damage reduction above 100%, healing the player.

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