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Welcome to the new update summary everybody! This week brought us fantastic changes and a couple of balances! Meanwhile, while the Halloween has already ended everywhere, it is only starting on the Govindas Limework!

Trick or Treat Halloween Update!

Trick or treating! 
  • You can right-click a player in the Main Lobby to send them a Trick or Treat request. 
  • You can Trick or Treat any player, but only once.
  • If the victim is ruthless and selects the TRICK option, you will be blinded for a few seconds. 
  • Else, if the player is gracious and selects the TREAT option, you will receive a Candy
  • After you have collected a total of 7 Candies you will unlock a scary Witch disguise to creep up on enemies (or allies)!
  • Two new commands were added! They allow the player to view the top of the players who are the best at Pumpkin carving and collecting candies accordingly. 
  • /pumpkinstop
  • /candiestop
  • Helpful broadcast messages were added to know when the player unlocks a Halloween themed suit!

Redstone finally works in Creative World!
People had been requesting the ability to use Redstone for ages. Sadly, prior to this week, no one succeeded... But today, we present to you Full Redstone Access!
  • To receive the permission to use Redstone you must prove you're trustworthy and dedicate at least 3 hours to the server.
  • The next step is easy as pie. Simply enter the following command into the chat while standing on the plot of your own, and you'll be done!
  • /requestredstone
  • But make sure to be careful! If you fail to preserve the existence of the Govindas Limework and try to somehow damage it, you'll be punished severely.
  • Also, Mushroom Stem and Grass Path blocks were added to Creative World Menu and the Command Block was removed from there since it wasn't functional.

Realm of Almarath Update!
  • The whole quest system was remade! Quests are now infinite, ranging from level 0 to level 20.
  • After you had reached the maximum level, the quests will become a lot harder but much more rewarding!
  • Moreover, each existing mob to this day is used in the quest system, so you won't be bored because of similarities in the quests.
  • Furthermore, early level quests were tweaked and moved amongst the existing ones.

Big thanks to our MOD Vampire_Artyom for helping out with the quest system!

Balances & Changes!
  • Skeleton Knight's damage was increased to 14. (12 --> 14)
  • Skeleton Archer's damage was reduced to 14. (20 --> 14)
  • Skeleton Archer's health was reduced to 50. (65 --> 50)
  • Bandit Archer's damage was reduced to 12. (20 --> 12) 
  • Bandit Archer's health was reduced to 35. (50 --> 35)
  • Water Golem now defends himself! He now reflects 20% of the damage you deal to him back. 
  • Skeleton Archer now has a 90% chance to apply one of the following effects:
  1. Slowness for 5 seconds.
  2. Weakness for 5 seconds.
  3. Blindness for 5 seconds.

Bomberman Update!
  • Kick powerup no longer allows TNT to move through players.
  • Kick powerup is more accurate and easier to use.
  • Speed powerup no longer affects your kick distance while you're sneaking. Being more careful causes consequences, you wouldn't be able to kick TNT more than 1 block then.

Other Changes
  • Cosmetics Menu content now can be browsed by non-VIPs. (Unfortunately, to use the features you still have to be a VIP xD) 
  • Advancements were disabled server-wide.
  • All recipes are now instantly unlocked.

Because of a recent server update to 1.12 version, a couple of bugs were left unfixed. This week a lot of newly discovered bugs were "caught" and "petted" so they cause no harm anymore. :3
  • GL-6 Loaded heads from 1.12 toolbars mess up the NBT completely. Stacks of heads become single heads, player owner changes to the last in the toolbar, etc.
  • GL-60 You can get from double to quituple "You teleported to Beach" messages on a Beach portal enter in ROA.
  • GL-76 Skeleton King's helmet breaks from sunlight in ROA.
  • GL-77 Physics do not work in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-78 /editblock command doesn't work in Creative World.
  • GL-79 WorldEdit and CraftBook plugins do not work for players.
  • GL-80 Slimefun plugin doesn't work in Gaia dimension in Friendly Survival.
  • GL-81 You can get main lobby items back by just jumping up in some places in the Main Lobby.
  • GL-82 Using 1-9 hotkeys to move hotbar items doesn't work.
  • GL-83 /stats, voting and crafting in Mini Sky Walls do not work!

Make sure to report any bugs you encounter to Govindas in-game or in the Discord! This especially applies if you see any bugs related to "Unknown command" on some actions.


11 Nov 2018, 19:32 0 | 4
Happy Halloween everyone! A couple of Halloween-related features were added! Thus, AbilityPvP and Realm of Almarath have received some updates! 

Govindas Limework has been finally updated to 1.12.2!

Halloween Update!
Two new Halloween-themed suits were added: Scarecrow Suit and Possessed Scarecrow Suit, to unlock Scarecrow Suit you need to find 8 pumpkins and 16 pumpkins for Possessed Scarecrow Suit. 

You can receive pumpkins by playing any game on the server, the more time you spend in-game the higher chance to find a pumpkin is when you go back to the Main Lobby. 

This event will last from November 1st to December 1st.

To receive more information about the event, click on the new NPC greeting you as soon as you join the server.

Main Lobby was decorated in Halloween theme! Explore the new changes in the hub!

New Spooky Knockout Map! 
A new map was added. It is called Halloween and was built by our builder MrCloudyKitten (Previously known as SirSky)! Try not to frighten yourself!

Realm of Almarath Update!
  • A new quest system was created. This one generates quests instead of using already created ones, now the only way to get XP is completing quests.
  • XP gains from mob kills were removed. 
  • Health regeneration is now increased while outside of combat.
  • You can no longer drop items in combat.
  • Items now auto-identify in chests.
  • The village in the swamp now has a name: Greenbury Village.

Balance Changes
  • Wolves now spawn in 1-3 packs. (1 --> 1-3)
  • Slimes were buffed, they can now are faster and can jump higher.
  • Skeleton Archer damage was increased to 20. (1 --> 20)
  • Bandit Archer damage was increased to 20. (1 --> 20)
  • Skeleton King's health was increased to 400. (350 --> 400)
  • Skeleton King's damage was increased to 20. (15 --> 20)
  • Skeleton King now inflicts Wither II (I --> II) effect for 5.5s.
  • Shrek's health was increased to 400. (350 --> 400)
  • Water Golem's health was increased to 50. (25 --> 50)
  • Goblin damage was reduced to 8. (12 --> 8)

Ability PvP Update!
  • New Snowball ability was added, the longer the snowball travels, the higher its damage is. (up to 15 damage)
  • The levelling system was added, you need to deal 1000 damage to reach level 1, 2000 damage to reach level 2 and so on, you get 5 skill points every time you level up. You can use them to upgrade your abilities, each skill point increases the damage of an individual ability by 1% up to a maximum of 20%.
  • Sounds when using Bounce, Rapid Fire, Fireball and Arrow abilities were added.
  • Proper death messages were added. Ability name is now shown in the death messages.
  • The way how the speed of abilities is changed was remade, now you can use the mouse scroll wheel while sneaking. (Scroll up to increase speed, scroll down to decrease speed)
  • Armour was removed, now it just uses the suit of the player.
  • Abilities cannot be used outside area anymore.
  • "Leave the game" button was removed to add more space for future abilities.
  • Ability PvP items now are given as soon as you enter the region, so it's now much more accurate. Also, you now get Main Lobby items back when you enter the Main Lobby region.

Bug Fixes
  • GL-70 Arrows aren't affected by speed option in Ability PvP.
  • GL-71 Obsidian armour colour is yellow in ROA.
  • GL-72 Skeleton King don't spawn skeletons in ROA.
  • GL-73 Bandit Archer and Skeleton Archer only deal 1 damage each in ROA.
  • GL-74 Bandit Archer and Skeleton Archer can attack other mobs in ROA.
  • GL-75 If a chest is broken before it was opened once in ROA, it drops items with unidentified stats.

05 Nov 2018, 08:15 0 | 2
Finally, a giant 21-day update summary has arrived! A ginormous amount of changes were made meanwhile. Ranging from an enormous amount of small bugfixes to massive revamps of games! And so, without further ado, let's get straight into the changes!

Spleent Update!
A new map was added! It is called Flowercrest and it was built by Sqouziii. It is really beautiful but very small and challenging! 

  • First Spleent Map was renamed into Cortex. This name was suggested by Moazy_.
  • If your Creeper explodes a player, it will now count as your kill.
  • Creepers will no longer take fall damage.

Realm of Almarath is finally back!
  • Realm of Almarath is back to open alpha testing! You can join it using the NPC in the main lobby or this command: 
  • A new Combat system was created! Now Hunger bar shows your Stamina.
  • Stamina is decreased when you sprint or use your weapon. Stamina is repleshined gradually as the time passes. If your Stamina becomes low, you won't be able to sprint and if you run out of it, you won't even be able to attack! Beacuse of that, spam-clicking become less effective and you'll have to wait some time between the attacks.
  • Mob spawnpoint system was improved, a spawnpoint will no longer spawn any more mobs if it already has 3 mobs alive who were spawned from it.
  • Your health is now saved, so after you join the game your health will be set to whatever was before.
  • Knights now start the game with a Shield.
  • If you log out within 3 seconds of being attacked, it will now count as a death.
  • Death chests in Realm of Almarath now have the player head above them so you can identify who died here easier.
  • Health and damage of Wolves have been increased, the same applies to their XP gains, they will now also attack other mobs, but not other wolves!
  • Silverfish XP gains were increased.
  • Killer Bunny's damage was increased
  • XP gains by killing mobs which are above level 0 were increased by 50%.
  • Item and potion drop chance from mobs were increased to 15% (5% ---> 15%) and to 100% from bosses. (45% ---> 100%).

NOTE: bugs are expected, the game is very unfinished right now and a lot is going to be improved & added & changed + custom resource pack for the game will be released at some point in the future.

Castle Wars Update!
  • Horse health was increased from 20  to 30 .
  • Damage of all types of units was decreased.
  • Unit stats as (healthdamagearmour) were added to training icons.
  • Unit speed system was remade:
  • Archers are now faster than Swordsmen due to lighter armour.
  • Horses with Swordsmen on them are now slower than Horses with Archers on them due to the difference in weights.
  • Horse speed overall has been decreased.
  • The glowing effect is now purely client-side and not server-side.
  • /speed command now works in Castle Wars!

Snowball Update!

New Juggernaut mode!

Elimination mode was replaced with Juggernaut mode, because of the unfairness of Elimination mode. 
In Juggernaut mode, one player is chosen to be the Juggernaut. He gets x3 . All other players have to team against the Juggernaut, if the Juggernaut is killed - the killer becomes the Juggernaut. It is "everyone vs one" game, but the win condition is the same as in the Deathmatch mode, the player with the most points wins, you get points for each player you kill.

Other Snowball Changes
  • If you die 2 times in a row in Team Deathmatch / Deathmatch modes with no kills in-between, your killer will now get half the amount of points he would normally receive.
  • Throwable Cobweb was improved! Previously it could only replace air blocks, now it is possible to throw it into tall grass! The block will become tall grass once again after the Throwable Cobweb despawns.
  • Spawn points in non-team modes were changed to fit the game better, now it is less likely for them to be too close to each other.
  • You can now earn Emeralds & Melons with as low as 3 players in-game. (4 ---> 3)
  • You now get permanent Speed I effect in the Maze map to compensate for its size!
  • When you receive a Snowman for reaching killstreak you now get an explaining message.
  • Spawnpoint Switch power-up was added! It costs a total of melons. You will respawn at enemy spawnpoint instead of your own after death after you have bought it! This power-up is exclusive to Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag modes.

Gamecore & Main Lobby
  • Description of modifier/mode when you hover on its vote message/activated modifiers message was added, so now it's much easier to know what each modifier/mode does without looking at voting GUI.
  • Players who are offline for 90+ days are no longer shown in leaderboards, if they join back they will be shown again. This was made to avoid leaderboards being clogged up by players who no longer join the server and let new active ones to get there easier.
  • Every game join hologram above NPC is now centered.
  • Games which aren't stable and still require a lot of work now will have red names. 
  • Realm of Almarath and Castle Wars game join NPCs were added to the Main Lobby.
  • You can now use /sit in the Main Lobby!
  • Player collision was disabled server-wide!

GSG Update!
  • Mimic mob was added! It has 1% chance to replace a newly opened chest, if you kill it - it will spawn a chest at its location with normal loot!
  • Fun fact: it is possible for a mimic to be inside a mimic inside a mimic... (This requires a lot of luck though!)
  • Players will now have Saturation effect during the first minute of the game, so food is now a less concern.
  • Gravity system now works better in Gaia: The New Earth map.
  • Deathmatch timer was reduced to 8 minutes. (10 ---> 8)
  • /votedm command was added, if all alive players in the game use it, deathmatch timer will be reduced to 1 minute.
  • An action bar which shows the time left until PvP is enabled was added.

Mini Sky Walls Update!
  • Dragon no longer destroys blocks.
  • When you get teleported to void for trying to bypass the wall, you now receive an explaining message.
  • Death messages system was finished, now if you die before your Crystal of Life is destroyed, your death message will be displayed to your team.
  • Death code of the game was massively optimised.
  • Dragon egg crafting recipe was removed as it was very difficult and not really useful to craft, now dragon spawns after 10 minutes of the game had passed.
  • The Crystal of Life of an empty team is now removed automatically.
  • Overall code of the game was optimised, useless fragments of code were removed.

A lot of changes are untested, so let Govindas know on Discord if something is wrong or if there are any more bugs left!

Bug Fixes
  • GL-31 If you hit friendly Snowman, it'll start attack you and you'll get the points for a kill in Snowball.
  • GL-32 Checkers seem to break time to time.
  • GL-33 You can attack other players before 'You can attack other players' message in GSG.
  • GL-52 You receive 2 iron ingots and 1 iron ore on an iron block break in MSW.
  • GL-54 You can't damage any of the crystals in MSW: Sky of Caribbean map!
  • GL-55 After a player kill whose inventory has cobblestone you receive "+0 cobblestone" message in MSW.
  • GL-56 After a player dies by himself the same message is still sent to a player who killed them first in MSW.
  • GL-57 Death messages simply do not appear at all to nor the victim nor the other players in MSW.
  • GL-61 There are some missing words in messages of ROA.
  • GL-63 If you fly far away from enemy selected units and then fly back, they would get glowing effect visible for you, while supposed to be only visible to the enemy in Spleent.
  • GL-64 If you stand on side of a block during the time when blocks are being removed on which you step, the block wouldn't be removed in Spleent.
  • GL-65 Creepers often die from fall damage in Spleent maps.
  • GL-66 When a Creeper kills a player it doesn't count as a kill for the killer in Spleent.
  • GL-67 It says "Do not place blocks close to the wall!" but it doesn't cancel placement of blocks in MSW.
  • GL-68 Dragons aren't working at all in MSW!
  • GL-69 Castle Wars NPC in Main Lobby isn't working for non-ops.


28 Oct 2018, 16:14 0 | 7
Meanwhile, the Castle Wars Update spree continues! So, let's get straight into the changes!

Castle Wars Update!
  • Y coordinate difference is now ignored in the unit selection. 
  • A limit of 4500 heart particles of unit selection was added.
  • Every unit killed in the game is now counted, if you select a unit, you can see its kill count in the name of their hotbar item.
  • Controls were added to the lore of hotbar items.
  • In-fight performance of units was improved.
  • Unit damages are now more balanced.
  • Archer shooting delay was increased (2 seconds --> 3 seconds).
  • Lores of hotbar items are now more informative.
  • "hiring" was replaced with "training" in the chat messages.
  • Gold rewards from kills were removed for balance.
  • You can no longer place walls within the 10 block radius from the enemy walls.

Bug Fixes
  • GL-46 Target priorities of units in Castle Wars aren't working
  • GL-47 Sometimes your unselected units glow in Castle Wars
  • GL-48 Creeper price is 15 gold instead of 30 gold as displayed in Castle Wars
  • GL-49 Double LMB click selection of units of the same type isn't varied according to the unit on the ground and the unit on a horse in Castle Wars

10 Oct 2018, 12:41 0 | 2
The server has finally stepped into the Omega era. The last era before the server becomes officially out of early-development stages!  
This week Castle Wars have received the largest update of all time!

Massive Castle Wars Update!

Wall building!
LMB* to start visualising wall building and RMB to make the wall real. Simple as that, you can now draw walls with your cursor.

Creeper Unit! 
Players can use creppers to blow up opponent's walls which are blocking the way to the castle! They are slow but healthy.

Unit selection system! 
LMB once then move the cursor and press RMB to select units in a cuboid region. The selected area will be shown using the power of heart particles!
Double LMB on unit to select all units of the same type within 50 blocks. RMB on a unit to select/unselect it individually. 
See the preview here

Unit stances!
Stand Ground and Aggressive stances are currently implemented. 

Stand Ground stance makes units to hang out in one place and attack from it.

Aggressive stance is the default one that has been intact for ages.

New Unit AI

All units now:
Have target priorities, you can set your selected units to target these enemy units:
  • Closest Unit
  • Archers
  • Swordsmen
  • Horses
  • Creepers
  • Have better in-fight AI, they will no longer be confused for a short time after killing the enemy, they will quickly target next unit.

Swordsmen now:
  • Jump if they can't reach their target.

Archers now:
  • Shoot properly from higher/lower places.
  • Have better accuracy.
  • Will be less likely to try to shoot through a block which is blocking the way. They will try to adjust position instead.
  • Will attempt to climb up 1 block tall walls if they are blocking their arrows.

Horses now:
  • Don't walk around randomly if they have a rider.

Other CW Changes
  • Arrows knockback was reduced by 50%
  • Archers' damage was increased.
  • Unit formations and barracks were merged into one item.
  • Teleport Stick was removed. 
  • Now if you click with the selection wand while sneaking, it will teleport you just like Teleport Stick did.
  • A lot of descriptions were improved.

Bug Fixes
  • GL-42 Sunlight breaks helmets of units.
  • GL-43 Archers sometimes tried to shoot dead targets.
  • GL-44 Archers keep moving to enemy unit's position after the enemy unit has died.
  • GL-45 You can start hiring more units then you should if you are clicking fast.

With so many changes happening, Castle Wars is likely to get buggy at some places, please report any bugs or anything not-so-good to Govindas on either the forums or in the discord!

* LMB - Left Mouse Button, RMB - Right Mouse Button

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